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The Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor is a friendly place to enjoy some of the best ice cream on the planet, a sarsaparilla, espresso, donuts, soft drinks and much more.  It's located in a historic building in the "old west" town of Idaho City, about an hour's drive from the Idaho state capitol of Boise.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor is located on Montgomery Street, which is the "main" street of the "old west" town of Idaho City, ID.  It's about 10 in the morning, Friday, June 12, 2020, and we plan to enjoy ice cream cones before touring the sights of historic Idaho City.

Note the side-by-side ATV parked in front of the restaurant, as it's legal to drive "green sticker" on most Idaho roads.

Photo:  The parlor features a shady, welcoming porch to sit on, or if you prefer sunshine, there's an open patio.  We pulled up an extra chair to the far table and enjoyed our ice cream cones on the shaded porch.  We loved the beautiful hanging baskets of flowers.

Photo:  This sign says it all, as there is a restroom inside!

Photo:  Cindy and Katie look at the ice cream behind the counter, and ponder their selections.  Besides ice cream, donuts, bagels, soft drinks, espresso... and more, there is a gift shop that sells souvineers, most of which are made by local craftsmen and craftwomen.

This is huckleberry country, so there is a wide variation of everything huckleberry, including jam, jelly, syrup and simply preserved huckleberries.  I looked for huckleberry salsa or hot sauce and didn't find any.  OK... this is Idaho!

Photo:   Here's the ice cream menu.  All flavors looked amazing, and I really considered "Huckleberry," as that flavor is popular in this area, but in the end, I went with "Birthday Cake."

Photo:  The friendly server behind the counter, Kayla, scoops "Birthday Cake" ice cream into my cone.  Behind the counter, all flavors are in large buckets, and each flavor is tabled.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Kayla, poses with Katie's "Huckleberry" ice cream cone.  Unfortunately, during the current virus crisis, she had to wear a mask, but her eyes show her smile.

Photo:  I looked over the vast selection, and "Birthday Cake" caught my eye.  I asked for a free sample, and after tasting the amazing ice cream, it was "happy birthday cake ice cream" time for me!

I had never seen, nor heard of "Birthday Cake" ice cream before, and after I tasted the sample, I just "HAD" to have it!

I asked friendly Kaylee what was in "Birthday Cake" ice cream, and I found out the flavor is like vanilla cake, but there are three varieties of cake in the mix.  It's like cake batter with sprinkles, buttercream freckles and a blue frosting swirl.  It's an amazing combination and it makes for a delicious frozen treat!

I enjoyed two scoops of this delicious ice cream on a large sugar cone... does life get any better?

Photo:  Your author, my friend of nearly 60 years, Cindy, and her charming daughter Katie pose with our ice cream cones, before enjoying them on the porch.

When you're in the mood for a fun day, visit Idaho City, ID, as the atmosphere is pure "old west."  The drive from the greater Boise area is very scenic, the people are friendly and there's a lot to see and do.  While you're visiting Idaho City, give yourself a treat and stop by The Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor for one of their amazing ice cream cones. Delicious!

The Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor
101 Montgomery St.
Idaho City, ID 83631
208 392-4484

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