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The Dog Spot is a small, locally owned and operated portable hot dog restaurant, and is set up and serving great hot dogs every Saturday at a local park during soccer season.  During the off season, he caters to special events, school events, private parties, sports events, and almost any event where fine hot dogs are appreciated.  Aaron, the proprietor, along with Kaylee, his assistant, set up shop, and serve delicious hot dogs for the enjoyment of hot dog lovers in the greater Roseville, CA area.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo: It's a little after 12:00 in the afternoon, Saturday, November 20, 2021, and The Dog Spot has set up their portable restaurant at Kaesburg Park, located at 1151 Rand Way, in Roseville, CA.  The Dog Spot sets up shop at this location every Saturday during soccer season, as Kaesburg Park is one of the more popular locations in the area for weekend soccer practice and patches.  The Dog Spot dishes out amazing dogs from 09:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon.

When they're not set up at the park, you'll find them catering to private parties, social events, sports, competitions along with special events, all over the Roseville area.

Photo: Aaron Schwartz is the owner/operator, and today, he was being assisted by his niece, Kaylee, in keeping the restaurant going. In addition to hot dogs and sausages, The Dog Spot sells chips, bagged snacks, soda, sports drinks, and more.

Photo:  The menu features three varieties of dogs, snacks, candy, drinks and condiments.  The sides selections can vary, depending upon availability.

Ordering is simple, as you tell the staff which one of the three dogs you want, what condiments or toppings you want added to your dog,  then you pay for your order and in a minute or so, you'll be presented with a fine hot dog. You can also order the "Meal Deal," which includes a drink and a bag of chips, and for those with a sweet tooth, candy is available to enhance your meal.

Photo:  I started at the "top" of the menu, by ordering a "Jumbo Dog," and Aaron went right to work prparing my dog, and grabbed a steamed dog from the kitchen, placed it on the little paper "dog holder" and began by adding mustard, then mayonnaise very artfully to enhance the presentation of my delicious dog.

Photo:  Condiments and toppings are stored in an ice chest and are amazingly fresh.  Today's line-up of condiments and toppings included ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, diced pickle, relish, pickled jalapeno slices, diced white onion and sauerkraut.  I went for everything except ketchup.

Photo:  Meet friendly Aaron, the owner and chef of The Dog Spot, as he hands me my "Jumbo Dog," which he has just finished creating for me.  Such a great dog!

Photo:  I smile, as I hold my "Jumbo Dog," as I know I'm going to enjoy a great hot dog for today's lunch!

Photo:  My first dog of the day was the "Jumbo Dog," which headlines the menu.  As for the condiments and toppings, I went with everything, except for ketchup.

"Jumbo Dog" starts out with a large, quarter-pound sausage, which is large, meaty and very mild.  Note that if you want to add some "spice" to your life, you can order the "Spicy Sausage" which I did later today.  The Dog Spot serves dogs and sausage steamed, as per the municipal code of Roseville, and most other cities.  Dogs and sausages are steamed on-location, in the portable kitchen.

The dog was placed on a large, soft bun, with sesame seeds, and placed in a little paper bowl, just the right size to hold the bun and the dog.  Aaron asked me what toppings and condiments I wanted on my dog, and I said "Everything except ketchup."  I don't like my dog "naked," as I like my dog to be fully dressed. He then applied - in this order - mustard, mayonnaise, diced dill pickle, relish, pickled diced jalapeno chili pepper, diced white onion, sauerkraut, and a sprinkle of celery salt, to give my "Jumbo Dog" a bit of a Chicago flair.  My dog was fully dressed!

When I bit into my "Jumbo Dog," I was rewarded with a crisp SNAP, thanks to the natural casing of the dog, along with a rush of juicy goodness.  The topping-to- dog ratio was perfect, along with the meat-to-bun ratio, which made for an amazing dog, and the start to an outstanding lunch.

As the menu advertises, for an additional $3.00 you can make your dog a "meal" by adding a bag of chips and a soda, but I chose not to go that route, as I prefer to sink my teeth into an amazing hot dog, every chance I get.

"Jumbo Dog" is a big, delicious hot dog, steamed perfectly, and dressed the way you want it to be.  All those who appreciate a fine hot dog will love the "Jumbo Dog," served at The Dog Spot.

Photo:  After I finished my "Jumbo Dog," I heeded Aaron's advice that "One dog isn't enough," so I ordered a "Spicy Dog," both to satisfy my hunger, but especially my curiosity.  Aaron begins to get my dog going as Kaylee looks on.

Photo:  Aaron pulls a spicy hot dog out of the steamer and places it on a large, fresh, soft, sesame seed hot dog bun.

Photo:  Aaron reaches into the ice chest and applies relish to my "Spicy Sausage," as I only requested mustard, mayonnaise, relish, diced onion, and a little celery salt.

Photo:  Meet friendly Kaylee, who was working the restaurant today with Aaron, as she hands my "Spicy Sausage" to me with a smile.  I received fast and friendly service at The Dog Spot.

Photo:  As Aaron said, "One dog isn't enough," so I went for a "Spicy Sausage" for my second dog of the day.

Like the "Jumbo Dog," the "Spicy Sausage" starts with a large, quarter-pound sausage with natural casing, so when you bit into it, you're rewarded with a SNAP.  It's advertised as "spicy," and it does have a bit of a 'kick" to it, but it wasn't excessively spicy.  The heat ratio reminded me of a jalapeno pepper, after the seeds and stems have been removed.  You get a little "kick" but lots of amazing sausage flavor!

My "Spicy Sausage" was served on a large, super-fresh, sesame seed bun, and placed in a little paper trough, made just the right size for this large dog.  For condiments, I opted for mayonnaise, mustard, relish, diced white onion, and a sprinkle of celery salt.

The juicy, mildly spicy sausage, the fresh bun, along with the toppings and condiments worked together to make for an outstanding, hot dog.  Like the "Jumbo Dog," it was delivered hot, perfectly steamed, and ready to enjoy, in about a minute after I placed my order.  The Dog Spot, and chef Aaron Schwartz serve quality dogs!

Now you ask, which of the two dogs was my favorite?  Both dogs were simply delicious, but I have to go with the "Spicy Sausage" as my favorite, as I like a little spice in my life.  But, you can't go wrong with either dog...

The Dog Spot will satisfy your craving for a juicy hot dog during soccer season at Kaesburg Park, and when they aren't set up at the park, you'll find them dishing out fine dogs at private parties, school events, sports, competitions, along with special events.  Catering services are offered, for your hot dog enjoyment!

You can't go wrong with the fine service and amazing hot dogs served by friendly Aaron and his crew at The Dog Spot, at various locations, in and around Roseville, CA.  Look to The Dog Spot for fine hot dogs at the next event in town!

The Dog Spot
1805 Cirby Way #3
Roseville, CA 05661
916 582-7511
[email protected]

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