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The first weekend of October is a special weekend in the greater Sacramento area, as it's the weekend of the California Capital Airshow, which showcases the rich aviation heritage the Sacramento area has enjoyed over the years.  If you're an aviation enthusiast, you'll love this event, and since you're a "foodie" you'll find yourself right at home as you enjoy an order of "Chicken Tenders and Fries," deep fried to perfection by Tenders Fries Drinks, hosted by the Rancho Cordova Lancers Varsity Football team, of Rancho Cordova, CA.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's around 12:30 in the afternoon at the California Capital Airshow, Saturday, October 01, 2022, and Tenders Fries Drinks is a busy restaurant!  

The restaurant was so busy their deep fryer was having trouble keeping up with the demand, so they went to a "two line" system, which nearly seemed to "blur" together.  

In the line to the right, you placed your order, paid for it, and then you moved over to the "pick up line" to the left, where there was at least a 20 minute wait to get your order.  Silly me... I should have arrived earlier or waited for an hour or so.

No worries with the line, as the activity at the airshow provided constant entertainment, and the restaurant staff was super friendly, so waiting in line wasn't boring at all.

Photo:  The menu is compact, to say the least, and the food is... "Chicken Tenders," fries, or a combination, plus the "usual" assortment of soft drinks and bottled water.

Photo:  The small pop-up restaurant is staffed by students at nearby Rancho Cordova High School, who volunteer their time for the event.  

Photo:  One of the sous chefs seemed to enjoy my photo taking.

Photo:  The head chef provided expertise and guidance to one of the junior chefs, who was tasked to cooking fries in the deep fryer.

Photo:  Fries and tenders are finished frying, and are being placed into trays to distribute to hungry diners waiting in line outside the restaurant.  I was impressed to note the chefs carefully inserted a thermometer into the chicken, after removing it from the fryer, to insure it was at the correct temperature for serving.  I noted that cleanliness was important with the staff, as all cooking and serving staff wore disposable gloves.

The kitchen is compact, located outdoors, and is simply a commercial deep fryer, capable of deep frying four baskets at the same time.

Photo:  My order of "Tenders and Fries" was presented to me by one of the friendly staff members.  I waited nearly 30 minutes for my order, but the wait was pleasant, as the constant activity of the air show kept me amused, and the staff was super friendly.

Photo:  Walking around one of the largest air shows on the west coast is a hungry endeavor, and the great staff at Tenders Fries Drinks has fixed me up with a delicious lunch of "Tenders and Fries."

Photo:  Tenders Fries Drinks is located near the center of the air show event, near the Kiwanis Club's Beer Garden, and offers ample shaded, comfortable seating, while you enjoy your "Tenders and Fries."  Jumbo Hot Dogs, where I enjoyed a hot dog earlier in the day, shares the seating with other restaurants.

Photo:  From the menu, I went with the "Tender and Fries Combo" which was the best of everything the restaurant had to offer.

The "tenders" portion of the meal were three pieces of boneless chicken, most likely breast sections, seasoned, battered and deep fried to a beautiful, golden brown.  The meat was juicy, white and tender inside, which made for a great contrast to the crispy batter on the outside.  The joys of deep fried chicken!

The fries were medium size, similar to what you enjoy at your favorite "fast food" enterprise, and were deep fried to a golden brown.  They were deliciously tender inside, and had enough "crisp" on the outside to make give them the crown of any deep fry chef.

When you pick up your order, you can grab packages of ketchup and ranch dressing for your dipping pleasure. Ketchup brings out the "kid" in my when it comes to fries, and I'll dip anything deep fried into ranch dressing, given the chance.  On this early Saturday afternoon, I definitely took advantage of the packages of ranch dressing!

I was pleasantly surprised at the generous portions of chicken and fries my lunch included, as the Lancer's don't skimp on portions.  Both the tenders and the fries were deep fried to perfection, and made for a delicious lunch.  

I tip my hat to the Rancho Cordova Lancer Varsity Football team, as they not only know how to play great football, but the team knows how to deep fry great "Chicken Tenders and Fries."

Photo:  Looking at a "Chicken Tender," you can see the delicious, perfectly cooked white meat inside, and the crispy batter on the outside, which makes for "deep fried goodness."  The fries were great, but pretty much your typical fries, which always works out great.  An ice-cold beer from the nearby Kiwanis Club of Rancho Cordova Beer Garden rounded out the delicious lunch.  I loved dipping my tenders into the ranch dressing, which added a creamy goodness to this delicious lunch.

Chicken Tenders Fries serves deep fried goodness, the staff is friendly, and the dining is convenient, located near the center of the air show, with lots of comfortable, shaded seating.  Great food served by friendly staff at the California Capital Airshow, at Mather Airport, in Rancho Cordova, CA!

Tenders Fries Drinks
10425 Norden Ave. Booth #F21
Mather, CA 95655
916 876-7568

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