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The Tahoe Truckee Air Show is a fun, family-friendly event, and, quite literally, a free gift to the community from the Tahoe Truckee Airport District.  The event is free, parking is free, and food, drink, and vendor merchandise is very reasonably priced.  You get to witness airplanes, air show events, military vehicles, local and regional public service agencies, and a lot more.  Oh, did I mention food?

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Today is Saturday, July 13, 2019, and it's a little past the 9 o'clock in the morning of the Tahoe Truckee Airport Air Show and Family Festival, 2019.  The festival is hosted by the Tahoe Truckee Airport District, and it's a free, family-oriented event.  Even the parking is free!

You'll enjoy static displays of both military and civilian aircraft, military vehicles, law enforcement and emergency service vehicles, plus two amazing air shows.  Such a fun event!

Photo:  Observing static aircraft, and watching an air show is both thirsty and hungry work, and that's where the Truckee Optimist Club comes into play, as they have booths set up to satisfy both your thirst and your hunger. Their "campus" includes four booths, each with a different purpose. The booths are...

Lemonade and water
Meat, buns and potato chips

Even though Tahoe Truckee Airport is at about the 5900 level, the sun can get very warm in mid July, so there is a gigantic open canopy, that serves as the "dining room," where you can enjoy your meal in shady comfort.

They have your every need covered, the staff is super friendly, the prices are reasonable, and best of all, they're "foodies" like everybody who loves great barbecue at an awesome air show event.

Photo:  First stop for me was the beer booth, that offered 12-oz Coors Light for the very reasonable price of $5.00, and a couple of "premium" I.P.A.s for a dollar more.  I went with the Coors Light, as it worked fine with me.  If you look 35 or younger, you'll need to show your ID, but in my case, it wasn't necessary, as my gray beard gave me away.

The staff running the beer stand, and the main food stand are all volunteers, and they're all super-friendly, and seem to be really enjoying what they're doing.  They treat you like family, and will laugh and joke with you.  During my many chats with the staff, I noticed that all of them are "foodies," like I am.  As they say in La-La Land, "Foodies of a feather flock together..."

I was wearing camo clothing today, including a hat, tank top and shorts, and the gentleman in the blue shirt joked to me, "I can't see you..."  I joked back saying that since he couldn't see me, perhaps I should shout.

Photo:  I'm GOOD-TO-GO, as I raise my glass of Coors Light beer, and toast the friendly folks running the beer stand.  Since I'm wearing camo, the gentleman had a hard time seeing me.  My gray beer gave me away, so they didn't ask for my ID.

Photo:  Next door to the beer stand, these friendly ladies were running the condiment bar, which has to be one of the best-equipped condiment bars that I've ever seen at an event like this.

There are big pump bottles of ketchup, mustard and spicy mustard, along with tubs of butter, mayonnaise and cheese.  Veggies include dill relish, diced white onion, sliced tomato and shredded lettuce.  There are lots of napkins, which really came in handy.  

Photo:  The activity is intense behind the main food stand, as the crew is grilling burger patties, hot links, hot dogs and bratwurst on a gigantic, gas grill, that would make a barbecue chef in Texas proud.

Photo:  The "corn guy" grills corn on the large smoker.  This guy puts a lot of work into turning out amazing grilled corn, as it's a very labor-intensive operation to get the corn ready for the grill.

First, it has to be washed, then the leaves peeled back so the silk can be removed.  The leaves are loosely patted back in place on the ear, then they're grilled over charcoal in the smoker.  At $3.00 an ear, it's a bargain.

Photo:  The dining room is under the "big top," at high-noon, nearly every seat is taken.

Photo:  The main "line-up" at the food stand.  You place your order, pay the friendly gal at the cash box, and the tall girl will bring you your order, with a smile.  Note the chefs hard at work at the grill.

Photo:  As I placed my order for a "Hot Link," I got a look at the chefs, doing what they do the best:  Grilling perfect burger patties, hot dogs, hot links and brats.

Truckee Optimist Club has their operation very well organized, as plates are set out, with buns, and a bag of potato chips that are included with your meal.  The burgers have burger buns, and the three varieties of "dog" all have appropriately sized buns.  What happens when you order is one of the chefs simply selects your burger or "dog" off the grill, places it on an appropriate place, and the friendly server will give your order to you, with a smile.

Photo:  The condiment bar is a busy place on this early Saturday afternoon, at the Truckee Tahoe Airport 2019 Air Show and Family Festival.

Photo:  I'm at the condiment bar, with my bare "Hot Link," as I chat with a lady who is dressing her hot dog from the well-stocked condiment bar.

Photo:  I watch a couple spooning gooey cheese on their links.  They have good taste, as I did the same thing too for my "Hot Link," as I can't resist cheese on my link...  It brings out the "foodie" in me.

Photo:  The grilled corn looks amazing, but for some unknown reason, I wasn't in the mood for corn today.

Photo:  My friendly server presents my "Hot Link," along with a bag of potato chips, with a smile.  Thanks, doll, as your friendly smile, and cheerful personality made my day!

Photo:  I'm a happy "food junkie" as I smile with my "Hot Link" and bag of chips.  I guess my camo outfit didn't food the girl taking my photo.

Photo:  Isn't she pretty?  My "naked" link, on a fresh bun, along with my bag of chips, is ready to be "dressed" at the nearby condiment station.

Photo:  No holds barred for my "Hot Link," as I dressed this fine sausage "to kill."  

For starters, the hot link was a quarter pound of spicy, mildly hot sausage, with just the right amount of "heat" to put a smile on my face.  My sausage was perfectly grilled, complete with sear marks, and rested on a soft, fresh, chewy hot dog bun, just the way a hot link is meant to be.  

For condiments, I added spicy mustard, butter, relish, diced white onion, and topped the link with gooey, Velveta cheese.  Oh yes!!!

I can't vouch that my lunch would win any "healthy" awards, but it certain won my heart and my appetite. The link was perfect, the bun was soft and fresh, and the condiments enhanced the experience and in the end, made for a soft, gooey, sublime dining experience!

Truckee Optimist Club cooks great barbecue, and their condiment bar is among the best that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy at an air show.  The staff is super friendly, the food is delicious, the beer is cold, the service is speedy and efficient, and the prices are very reasonable.  When you visit the Tahoe Truckee Air Show, head over to the Truckee Optimist Club set-up to enjoy a lunch, and a cold beer or two.  You'll love it!

Truckee Optimist Club
Tahoe Truckee Air Show
10356 Airport Rd.
Truckee, CA 96161

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