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Welcome to my reviews of restaurants where I've eaten and posted my dining experience, in the beautiful state of California. Click on the hyperlink that leads you to the region of choice to begin your dining experience, California-style!

Central California Restaurants:  Great dining in the San Joaquin Valley, along with the Central Coast, and much of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Eastern Sierra/Mojave Desert:  From the Oregon state line, to the Mexican border, and the east side of the Sierra Nevadas, along with the entire Mojave Desert.

Northern California:  Restaurants I've enjoyed, from the Sacramento Valley to the Oregon state line, and all across Northern California.

Roseville/Placer Country:  I live in Roseville, and dine out frequently, so Roseville/Placer County warrants it's own section.  You'll find lots of diverse dining on this page.

Southern Californa:  Fantastic dining, south of the Tehachapi Mountains to the Mexican border, including the Inland Empire.

Of Interest to "Foodies:"  Interesting write-ups of operations that are related to restaurants and my kind of California dining.

Sacramento Breakfast Club:  A group of friends who love breakfast, and have a mission to enjoy and review every restaurant that specilizes in breakfast in the greater Sacramento area.

Original Recipes:  Mexican, Stir-fry, Bargecue, and "Americana..." our orginal recipes are posted here.

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