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Los Algondes is famous for its large number of doctors and dentiists who offer top-quality medical care at bargain prices, but I don't come for the doctors, as I come for the food!

Mariscos La Palapita: Kathy sells mariscos, that's it, but the mariscos she sells are fresh, expertly prepared, and truly delicious!

La Parrilla Resaurant and Bar:  Features comfortable patio dining, full service bar, friendly service and delicious, expertly prepared food.

El Gourmet Restaurant:  Offers a great place to relax, drink beer, watch people, and enjoy good food.  Caters to the taste of American and Canadian tourists.

Molcas Taco Shop:  Simply the friendliest restaurant in town!  Features authentic, Mexican street food, grilled on a charcoal-fired grill on the street in front of the restaurant.  I love this place and I love the friendly staff!

Taqueria El Poblamo:  Large taco operation that cooks many varieties of tacos and tortas while you watch, and chat with the cook and other staff members.

Carnitas El Ruly's:  Small husband and wife stationary taco trailer that sells pork tacos and carnitas.

Noname Tacos:  Operated by two guys who specialize in carne asada tacos... but no name is painted on the very stationary trailer.  May not have a name, but the tacos are great!

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