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Sunday, May 04, 2014, I spent several hours in and near Seligman, Arizona, and had the opportunity to railfan BNSF's busy double-track main line railroad, just a few miles east of town.

Photo:  BNSF #4429 leads a merchandise train east, at M.P. 425.0, a few miles east of Seligman, Arizona, which can be seen in the background.  Check out the third unit, a CN, unit, which is an oddity, but not rare on the Seligman Subdivision.

Photo:  Close-up of #4429 east, as she leads a merchandise train up the grade, east of Seligman.

Photo:  BNSF 6701 east leads a stack train east at M.P. 425.0. Yes, that's Seligman, AZ, in the background of the photo.

Photo:  BNSF #4836 east leads a merchandise train at M.P. 425.0.

Photo:  Close-up of BNSF #8079 leading a mixed stack train east at M.P. 425.0, with Seligman, AZ in the background of the photo.

If you like heavy-duty, mainline railfanning, you'll love BNSF's Seligman Subdivision.  Not does it offer lots of railfanning, but much of BNSF's right-of-way parallels historic Route 66, includes beautiful scenery, and lots of great dining experiences.  

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