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Welcome to the family news section of our web site, where we publish family adventures, news, and just about anything that you could imagine.

Saline Valley Trip:  Spring break, late March 2024.  Great camping, amazing desert cuisine, great exploring, wonderful people and an all around great trip.

Presidents Day Holiday:  Local creeks run high, thanks to nearly three inches of rainfall during the day.  Great day to take a hike and enjoy!

Superbowl 58 Food:  The BIG GAME along with great food... what could be a better combination than great grilled food an a "nail biter" football game?

Smoked Turkey:  I "open" up the year 2024 by smoking a turkey, along with cabbage and potatoes.  Oh yes... on the side, I smoked three pounds of tripe for future batches of menudo.

Juicy Lucy Time:  I grill Minneapolis-style cheeseburgers, known as "juicy lucy" which turned out to be some of the best burgers I've ever had the pleasure to grll.

Amazing Sunset:  The sunset was amazing, but after I was dazzled and amazed, I enjoy some great inside grilling.  George Foreman works when you're lazy!

Mid July Grilling:  I grill pork ribs, potatoes and corn, on my Weber Spirit grill, on the patio, on a super hot July Saturday evening.

Smoked Corned Beef:  I fired up my smoker, using oak wood, and cook corned beef brisket, potatoes and corn. On the side, I made homemade barbecue sauce and gravy.  

June 2023 Grilling:  Country style pork ribs, hamburgers, potatoes and more, grilled on my Weber "Smokey Joe" and "Spirit" grills.  Great food and great grilling!

BNSF Railroad Action:  I spend much of a late May day photographing mainline railroad action on the Needles Subdivision, near the small town of Needles, in the Mojave Desert.  

Grill Time in May:  Chicken, pizza, stuffed potatoes, sausage, and lots more... grilled outside on my patio, on my Weber Smokey Joe grill.

Three Hours in Colfax:  I spend three hours in Colfax, CA enjoying the scenery, the mountain air, and railfanning on Union Pacific's Roseville Subdivision.

Another Grilling Adventure:  Grilling and smoking, using my charcoal and gas grills, along with my smoker. February 2023 meal classics, grilled or smoked on my patio.

Saline Valley Camping:  October, 2022 camping trip to beautiful Saline Valley, in one of the most remote corners of the "lower 48."  Good food, good people and good times...

Lincoln Airport Open House 2022:  General aviation, military, first responders, food venders... it was all here at this year's open house, at the Lincoln, CA airport.

Weber Charcoal Grill:  Grilling meat, potatoes, corn and more, using my Weber "Smoky Joe" wood/charcoal grill. "Old school" grilling, using locally-gathered oak wood to make homemade charcoal.

U.P. Roseville Subdivision Railroad Action: July 2022 railfan trip to M.P. #159.2, where I photographed lots of mainline railroad action at "Rawhide," a scenic, little-known location.

Grilled Burgers:  I use my cast iron griddle, along with a "burger hat" to create some of the best cheeseburgers west of the Mississippi River!  Or maybe the Sacramento River?

Cast Iron Griddle:  Why didn't I purchase a cast iron griddle years ago?  I fry breakfast and dinner, using my new griddle, outside on the patio, using my Weber propane-fired grill.

Smoked Ribs and More:  Smoked country style ribs, potatoes, cabbage and more, as I fire up the smoker, and smok another delicious dinner using locally-gatherd oak wood.

Smoking Hot Dinner:  Bacon wrapped chicken drumbsticks, potatoes cabbage and more... smoked on the patio for tonight's dinner.  April 05, 2022... just another Tuesday evening at my place...

Corned Beef Brisket:  I smoked a corned beef brisket, along with potatoes, cabbage and bell peppers, using my oak-fired smoker pit.  Late March, 2022 dinner, which made for smokin' goodness and fun!

Tamale Time:  I spend three days in October, making a batch of chicken tamales.  Smoking the chicken, making stock, assembling the tamales... all from scratch and made by hand.

Sierra Trek 2021:  We attend the 54th CA4WDC Sierra Trek, in the Tahoe Nat'l Forest, and have a great time, eating, camping, relaxing and four wheeling.

Loch Leven Lake:  We hike to lower Loch Leven lake, in the Tahoe Nat'l forest, and enjoy the hike, the mountain beauty, and great company.

May 2021 Railfan Action Sandcut:  Another trip to UP's Mojave Subdivision, at Sand cut and M.P. 376.8, where I photo many trains.

U.P. Mojave Subdivision Railroad Action:  I spend 36 hours outside of Mojave, CA, at my favorite photo location, M.P. 376.8, and "railfan" 50+ trains.  April 05-06, 2021.

Roseville Subdivision Railroad Action:  On my daily hike, I photo U.P.R.R. action at M.P. 110, as two grain trains enter the Roseville yard. Thank goodness my iPhone was handy!  This was unplanned...

Lopez Ranch Camping:  We spend several days camping on a 2400+ cattle ranch, owned by family friends, located in Mariposa County, CA.  Good times, great people and a great camping trip in every way!

U.P. Railroad Action:  I spend a pleasant six hours in December, 2020, taking photos or mainline railroad action near milepost 159.8, on U.P.'s Roseville Subdivision.

Panamint Valley Days 2020:  I spend a relaxing week, camping in beautiful Panamint Valley, enjoying the scenery, food, and fun, and CA4WDC's 35th annual Panamint Valley Days.

Black Ice Encounter:  I hit an unseen patch of black ice, lose control, and my truck over on the driver's side. Thankfully, I'm unhurt, and the truck sustains little damage.

Freedom Ride to the Capitol:  We atend a "President Trump" rally in Rocklin, and a ride to the capitol, as we proudly display our Trump flags, American flags and our patriotism.

The Trail Hero 2020:  Large 4 wheel drive event held near Hurricane, UT, that features amazing Utah scenery, super fun trail rides, friendly staff, lots of fun, and great dining...

September 05, 2020:  I attend a "President Trump" rally and express my political views, and my support of President Trump.

Juniper Lake:  August 2020 camping trip to Juniper Lake, located in Lassen Volcanic National Park.  We enjoyed great camping, great food, amazing food, and good times...

Cave Lake State Park:  Located near Ely, NV, this beautiful park provides outstanding scenery, camping and some of the best trout and crawdad fishing that I've ever seen!

Smoked Chicken, Tripe and more...  May 11, 2020, I fired up the smoker and smoked a stuffed chicken, potatoes, cabbage, beef tripe, beef hooves, along with chicken feet.  Great food!

Imperial Sand Dunes:  Camping, eating, quadding and enjoying the desert in the southeastern corner of California with amazing friends. Good times, and a great way to bring in 2020!

Rawhide Railfanning:  Mid-November, 2019 taking photos or U.P. railraoad action on the Roseville subdivision, in an area known to the locals as "Rawhide."  

Port of West Sacramento: You get to view a ship or two at a time, but there's great hiking, bird watching, fishing, and relaxing, next to the Sacramento Ship Canal, located in West Sacramento.

Lauren Petiti:  Here's a link to a family friend, Lauren Petiti's web site, where she's posted much of her art work. Our friend has talent!

Truckee Tahoe Air Show:  I attend the air show, held anually at the Truckee Airport, and enjoy a great show, along with static displays of civilian and military aircraft.  It's FREE and family-friendly, in Truckee...

Snow Creek Trail:  Hike from Tioga Road to Yosemite Valley, via Snow Creek Trail, with my brother Michael, and my brother-in-law, Greg.  Great trail, great hike and wonderful Yosemite scenery!

4th of July Parade:  I attend the City of Roseville annual 4th of July parade in 2018, in downtown Roseville. Great patriotic and civic parade that lasts over an hour!  Naturally, it's free...

Tamarack Flat Camping Trip:  June 2018 camping trip to Tamarack Flat, in Yosemite Nat'l Park for 5 days of eating, hiking, fun and adventure.

Railroad Action west of Mojave:  Photographing UP along with BNSF railroad action just west of the high desert town of Mojave.  May, 2018.

Tehachapi Loop Railroad Action:  I spend a Thursday photographing UP and BNSF railroad action at the famous Tehachapi Loop.  May 24, 2018.

Union Pacific Railroad Action on Mojave Subdivision:  I spend the afternoon of May 23, 2018 taking photos of UP and BNSF railraod action on the Mojave Subdivision, near Warren.

Cajon Subdivision Railfan Action:  I much of May 22, 2018, railfanning the Cajon Sub between Keenbrook and Blue Cut.  Lots of railroad action!

Cajon Pass Blue Cut Railroad Action:  Railfan action in the Blue Cut area of BNSF Cajon Subdivision on May 21, 2018.

Saline Valley Spring Break Adventure:  The most remote place in California!  Saline Valley has it all, including breathtaking scenery, rugged wilderness, friendly campers, and clothing-optional hot tubs.

Nevada Four Wheeling:  I spend a day four wheeling in western Storey County with friends, and visit the beautiful Frog Pond, Jones Canyon, and the ghost town of Olinghouse.

Hangover Challenge:  I start out 2018 the best way possibe in an early moring breakfast eating contest, broadcast on live television, at River's Edge Cafe, in Sacramento.  

Colfax Railfanning:  I take a few photos of Union Pacific and Amtrak railroad action, just a couple of miles east of Colfax, CA.

Fall Colors at Home:  Summer is gone, fall is here, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, and our place is decorated for fall, and Halloween.

2017 Northern California Renaissance Faire - I have a blast as I attend the faire, along with several members of my family.  Held every fall at Casa de Fruta, located near Hollister, CA.  A good time enjoyed by all!

Wapama Falls:  Hike to Wapama Falls, in Yosemite's amazing Hetch Hetchy Valley.  Amazing waterfalls, hiking, wildlife, poison oak, beautiful scenery, and lots more.

Nevada County AirFest 2017:  If you like aircraft of all types, this is the place to be.  Fun, family-friendly, and a great experience for all aircraft enthusiasts.  Nevada County airport, located in Grass Valley, CA.

Lake Tahoe Waterfalls:  After a super-snowy winter, I take an early May trip to the Lake Tahoe basin to observe the snow melt, and a few area waterfalls.

Open Cockpit Day:  First ever "open cockpit" day by the Aerospace Museum of California is almost a wash-out. In the end, the sun prevailed!

Old Sacramento St. Patrick's Day Parade 2017:  Annual event that features over 1000 performers, and lasts over an hour.  It's when Sacramento meets Ireland...  TONS of family friendly fun!

Stump Blasting:  Major offensive, and piece-of-work tree is removed from our front yard by Mr. Gerry Lopez, a.k.a. "The Stump Blaster!"

Juicy Lucy:  Have you every met "Juicy Lucy?"  She's a cheeseburger who originates in Minneapolis, that's stuffed with cheese.  I grill my verison of "Juicy Lucy" at home, on my outdoor grill.

End of Drought?:  We've never seen high water like this in 20 years.  And end of California's drought? I tour the swollen American and Sacramento rivers.

Sierra Nevada Mountain Show:  January 27, 2017, I take a trip to the mountians, and enjoy the 20 + feet of snow at the highter elevations.

High Water:  After several days of nearly continuous rain, local streams and creeks are flowing near flood stage. The Sacramento River is running high!  The January 2017 storms may finally burst California's drought.

Santa Visits Our Neighborhood:  Thanks to the Roseville Police and Fire departments, Santa and his elves pay a visit to our neighborhood with a blaze of flashing lights, horns and sirens.

Tuff Shed Time:  We have a Tuff Shed installed at the west end of our back yard.  Photo of installation, and lots more...

Hike Wapama Falls:  Hike from O'Shaughnessy dam to Wapama Falls awards an amazing view of a scenic waterfall.  Hetch Hetchy valley in Yosemite National Park.

Panorama Trail Hike:  We hike the scenic Panorama Trail, in beautiful Yosemite National Park, and enjoy great company, breathtaking scenery, and lots of sore bones.

Sierra Nat'l Forest Camping:  We camp east of Bass Lake, and enjoy several days of great eating, shooting, riding quads, and wonderful mountain scenery.  Memorial Day weekend, 2016.

Ribbon Falls:  My brother and I hike to the base of seldom-visited Ribbon Falls, in Yosemite National Park, the highest single-drip waterfall in North America.

High Desert Roundup 2010:  One of CA4WDC's premier events, we attend the four wheel drive run, and have a great time in the desert.  Held each Memorial Day weekend, near Barstow, CA.

Meling Ranch:  You want to get away from the world?  Visit Meling Ranch, in Baja California, Mexico.  Great food, friendly staff and lots of wonderful outdoor activities.

Bahia Tortugas:  Back in September, 2008, I spent three days exploring the tiny town of Bahia Tortugas, in Mexico's state of Baja California Sur.  Lots of adventure and eating photos and write-ups...

Super Bowl 50 Food:  Jacquie and I enjoy a wide array of delicious Super Bowl finger food, as we watch Super Bowl 50, and witness the Denver Broncos to go on to victory.

Smoked pork:  I dust off the smoker, and smoke a bone-in pork roast and potatoes, over an oak-fueled fire, for a delicious Monday evening dinner, in early December, 2015.

Cowabunga Dude!:  I jump in the pool, and enjoy a swim on Halloween, 2015.

California Capital Airshow 2015:  I enjoy the airshow, but lots more, including aviation exhibits, military, law enforcement agencies, beer, and great food.

Good Times with the Goodchild family:  We enjoy a great Sunday evening with our 15+ year friend Pam Goodchild, and some of her family members.

Jerseydale Camp Trip 2015:  Family, friends, food, and good times!  Check it out.

My New Weber Grill:  My first meal, a "surf 'n turf" special, cooked on my new Weber Spirit S-310 gas grill, that was delivered to our house today.

2015 Gold Country Chaplanincy Crab Feed:  We enjoy a great evening out with friends, pigging-out on crab, to help support a very worthy cause.

Tortas de Carne Asada:  Tortas, with grilled beef, in the style of Tijuana, ham, veggies, and more.  Of course, all is served on a grilled bouillo...

Roseville Subdivision Railfanning:  I spend the day railfanning Union Pacific's Roseville Subdivision, around m.p. 159.1, between Baxter and Midas, on Donner Pass.

Baby Back Ribs:  Today, I sear the ribs on the outdoor grill, and later bake them for three hours in the oven. Result: Delicious, tender ribs.  Dinner also included stir-fry veggies and steamed rice.

Low-tech Dinner:  I cook pork, potatoes and squash in a 8-quart iron pot, over a wood, and charcoal-fired kettle grill.

Another Jerseydale Camping Trip:  I spend four enjoyable nights camping with family and friends at Jerseydale campground, near Yosemite National Park.  Six weeks later and it's all good...

Jerseydale Camping Trip:  I spend three enjoyable nights camping with family and friends at Jerseydale campground, near Yosemite National Park.  Good times and good food...

Painting Our House:  Check out painting the inside of our house... It was a three day-job for professional painters, so we're glad we didn't have to do it.

Rosi's French Bread:  My friend Rosi provided a delicious loaf of home-baked French bread, so I though it a good idea to post photos of it, and a delicious ham sandwich.

Dinner at Rosi's:  My wife and I enjoy a wonderful afternoon, and a delicious dinner at the home of my 50+ year friend Rosi...

Seligman Railfanning:  Railfanning just east of Seligman, Arizona, along historic Route 66.

Flagstaff Railranning:  I spend a pleasant day on BNSF's Seligman Subdivision, and manage to photograph 26 trains.  Album is only a sample of the many trains I photographed.

Ham Sandwich:  Ham sandwich is taken to another level with bacon, cheese, avocado, and a lot more.

Hawaiian Barbecue:  Sorry, no Spam tonight, but we enjoy delicious grilled Hawiian-style pork, pineapple, rice, squash, and more.  Oh yeah!

Post Spring Break Dinner:  OK, it may be "after the fact, but for a lazy Monday, how can you beat grilled pork, potatoes and squash, grilled to perfection outside on a Weber propane grill?

Barbacoa:  In the style of southern Texas, I purchase a cabeza, smoke it over oak, and serve it with corn tortillas and fresh salsa as... barbacoa!

Saline Valley Adventure:  Spring break trip, late March 2014,  to Saline Valley, CA, which is one of the most remote spots in the state.  Lots of photos of beautiful desert scenery.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner:  Corn beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage, slow cooked all day in a crock pot, made a delicious dinner.

Italian Sausage:  Grilled Italian sausage, along with grilled onion and pepper.  Grilled potatoes, served in the form of fries, with ketchup for dipping sauce.

Grilled Bacon Basted Chicken:  Friday evening, I grilled chicken, with bacon tucked under the skin, twice-baked potatoes, and yellow squash, on our Weber outdoor grill.

February 20, 2014:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner... it's all posted here.

All in a Day's Eating:  February 19, 2014, I post photos of everything I ate today.

Pollo Asado:  Grilled chicken, in the style of Tijuana, cowboy beans, fresh salsa, and corn tortillas.  Grilled, "old school" style over charcoal and wood-fired kettle grill.

Dakota-style Bratwurst:  Grilled indoors on my electric George Foreman grill, I enjoy a delicious Bratwurst dinner.

California Style Cheeseburgers:  Grilled hamburger patties, on ciabatta rolls, complete with bacon, avocado, tomato, onion, lettuce and more.  Delicious!

Super Bowl 48 Food:  Appetizers, pizza and beer to enjoy the big game... Here's what we came up with for the 2014 Super Bowl pig-out fest.

Barrett Bridge:  If you're interested in seeing the remains of Barrett Bridge, and much of the Yosemite Valley Railroad right-of-way, the 2013/2014 California drought offers the opportunity...

Railtown 1897:  The only original, fully-functional steam engine roundhouse in the entire U.S.A.!  It's complete with lots of vintage rolling stock and four operating steam locomotives.  A "must-see" for history buffs...

Christmas 2013:  Another crazy Christmas, celebrated with many family and friends.  Always a good time at our place!

December 07, 2013:  Snow railfanning!  Colfax, Gold Run and Dutch Flat... with lots of winter snow.

November 26, 2013:  Donner Pass calls again, Troy, in particular, as I catch a few trains on this late fall day, before the snow starts.

November 16, 2013:  I take a quick Saturday railfan trip to the Troy area, on Union Pacific Railroad's  Donner Pass overland route.  Lots of great railroad photos!

Panamint Valley Days 2008:  CA4WD's late fall four wheeling event in Panamint Valley was awesome! Panamint Springs Resort and restaurant provided great loding and amazing dining.

UP 1983:  Union Pacific Railroad #1983, an EMD SD70ACe, painted in Western Pacific Railroad "heritage" colors, leads a westbound freight, just east or Roseville on July 20, 2005.

Various Meals:  Photos and write-ups of various meals, main dishes, appetisers, side dishes and more that I've posted on my Facebook page.

June 01, 2003:  Traveling home from a four wheel drive trip, I had a teriffying experience, as the back window of my truck was shot out.

62nd Annual Sylvia Besana Holiday Parade:  Held annually by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, this parade lasts over an hour and covers Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville, CA.

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