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After enjoying my previous Weber gas grill for nearly 18 years, and after rebuilding it three times, it was time to purchase a new gas grill, to go along with our new house.  Friday, June 05, 2015, our favorite hardware store delivered a shiny new, Weber Spirit S-310 to our house, and tonight, I tried it out for the first time, using the "surf 'n turf" method.

Photo:  I've been a fan of Weber gas grills for many years.  I purchased a Weber Genesis 3000 grill back in 1996, and took great care of it in the way of keeping it clean, performing routine maintenance, and rebuilding it three times.  But, the end of the line came a few weeks ago, when I attempted to fire it up, and there was no "fire in the hole."  It was time to retire the old soldier, and replace him with the next generation.  Fast forward to June 05, 2015, and my shiny new Weber Spirit S-310 stainless steel grill is belching smoke, as a "surf 'n turf" dinner is grilling inside.

Photo:  Potatoes, portabilla mushrooms, lobster tails and steak are sizzling on the grill.  The steak was marinated using a "oriental" style marinade that I obtained from one of my cookbooks.  This variety of steak is always a crowd pleaser, and tonight was no exception.

Photo:  The steak is seared, and the lobster tails have turned a red color, which tells me they're ready to remove from the grill.  Since the steak was seared, I removed it from direct heat, loosely wrapped it in aluminum foil, and placed it on the warming rack to cook, using indirect heat, for another half hour.  The potatoes were removed from the grill, allowed to cook, and then the pulp was scooped out, and butter, sour cream, bacon bits, diced pepper, onion and garlic was added, and then the pulp was placed in the potato skins, topped with cheese, and allowed to bake for 20 minutes.  Hence the name, "twice baked potatoes."

Photo:  Surf 'n turf dinner tonight!  Grilled mushroom, lobster tail, twice-baked potato, steak, mixed vegetables, and salsa.  I received many compliments from the family on tonight's dinner.

It's always a challenge with a new grill, until you get to know it.  Lucky me, I pulled this off, I didn't burn anything, and I received nothing but compliments from my family.

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