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Alright... it's come down to this, and you can "unfriiend" me or just delete this web  site from your memory.

I support freedom, lower taxes and the ability to live your life as a free, law-abiding citizen.  

If the images and whatever I post offend you... goodbye, as this is MY web site.  I can post whatever I want to post. Note that everything I post is "G-Rated."

Photo:  The flags mounted on my truck show my political beliefs.  I don't belive in the "virus thing," and I stand for politial freedom.  

I prefer to live my life as a free person.  I refuse to be a pawn of socialism and under of any government control.

Photo:  I stand proud and free in front of my truck, at my house, that I have owned for the last five years, thanks to 40+ years of hard work.

Photo:  If any of the "Black Lives Matter," radicals, "ANTIFA" types care to come around my place, I will greet them with my Mosbert Model 500 shotgun, loaded with 3" BB shells, which should ruin the day of any "radical" that cares to some my way.

If you don't like what your see, or if you're offended... I'm so sorry, but I wish you goodbye.

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