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Yesterday, I received a 10" by 20" cast iron, pre-seasoned griddle from Amazon, with the idea of using it while camping, and at home outside on the patio, fired by the gas grill.  The griddle arrived pre-seasoned, but I washed it, rubbed it with lard, and baked it in the oven for a half hour.  Now, I was ready to try it out!

Photo:  As the clock on the wall reads, it's 20 minutes to 12:00 on Sunday, June 12, 2022, and I proudly show off my new cast iron griddle, in front of my propane-fired Weber Spirit grill.  The griddle is reversible, as the other side is actually a grill.  You'll see the other side when I make dinner later this afternoon.

Photo:  Today's breakfast, fried on the griddle using my propane grill is two thick slices of Applewood bacon, two eggs, country potatoes, corn tortillas, and a jalapiņo pepper. I greased the griddle with lard, which gives great flavor.

Photo:  I'm a happy breakfast chef, as my breakfast fries on the griddle.  The Weber propane grill makes a perfect heat source, and I'm glad to know that I've found another way to enjoy this amazing grill.

Photo:  Breakfast was ready in only about 10 minutes.  Today was my first day using a griddle with my propane grill, and unfortunately the egg yokes turned out on the hard side, but they were great anyway.  I added an orange for garnish and added flavor.

Photo:  Late in the afternoon, I flipped the griddle over, to make it a grill, lit the Weber grill, and began grilling dinner, using the grill side of the cast iron griddle.  Like with breakfast, I used lard ensure nothing would stick.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner frying on the grill side of the cast iron griddle.  Actually, I made dinner for two nights, as this was a LOT of food!  I'm grilling a marinated lamb steak, corn, potato, mushrooms, tomatillos and another jalapiņo pepper.  This would make a great meal for a camping dinner.

Photo:  Hot off the grill, and dinner is served and enjoyed outside on the patio.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner of half lamb steak, potato, half ear of corn, mushroom, tomatillo and a jalapiņo pepper. The cast iron griddle proved to be a resounding success!

As you can see in the photos, the griddle was a resounding success, as both meals came out as planned.  At $29.25, this griddle was a bargain, and I anticipate many delicious future meals, both cooked at home, and in the great outdoors.

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