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Friday, July 16, 2016, the great day arrived at Renchapolis:  We received a 8 by 12 foot Tuff Shed, at the west end of our back yard, after many weeks of work, removing bushes, rearranging dirt, and pouring concrete.  

Photo:  At 8 o'clock in the morning, on the dot, the two Tuff Shed guys showed up with our shed in pieces, on the trailer behind the Chevy truck.  Actually, the shed is like a kit, and all it takes is for a couple of strong guys to put it together.  

Photo:  View from inside the garage, looking out to the trailer full of shed parts.

Photo:  By 0900 the foundation was in place.  We made it easy for these guys, as we already had a slab poured, not to mention we'd cleared all obstacles, so it was just a matter of them brining the shed into our back yard in pieces, and putting it together.

Photo:  It's actually beginning to look like a shed.  Most of the tools the guys used were powered by a portable air compressor, so they just plugged it in to a nearby outlet, and they went to work assembling our shed.

Photo:  Here comes the side panel that will face the pool!  Sharlene has many plans of how to decorate this wall, which is OK in my book.

Photo:  It's about 10:30 in the morning, and the shed is really taking shape, as Brad is really taking charge in attaching the roof.

Photo:  Chris is on the roof as Brad has just installed the door, and is now installing trim.  Note the brush to the right of the photo, as they trimmed the large juniper bush with their "sawsall" to provide clearance for the shed.  I hauled the brush to the green dumpster, as I wanted to make life easier for these guys.  The door is now attached, and the shed looks like a shed.  Photo taken about 10 o'clock, after only a couple of hours of work from these hard-working guys.

Photo:  After the roof was installed, the paper, and finally the composition roofing is installed.

Photo:  Chris is on the roof, nailing down the comp, with the help of his air gun.  These guys used a DeWalt air compressor for most of the work, which worked out well, as we have a nearby electrical outlet.

Photo:  The final touches before completion.  Chris installs composition roofing, as Brad works on the door, to ensure a perfect fit.

Photo:  It's 11 o'clock in the morning, and after only three hours, my shed is installed, and I'm now a proud owner of a 8 by 12 foot Tuff Shed.  The price?  When it was all done, including state sales tax and delivery, the bill came to $1971.55... Yikes!  However, I have a shed that will outlast me, as Tuff Shed produces a quality product.  All that remains is that I have to paint it, and finish it inside.  All of that will give me something to do for the next month or so...

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