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Saturday, November 16, 2013, I decided to take a trip to Troy, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, on Union Pacific Railroad's Overland Route.  Troy is about 10 miles west of Donner Pass, and is located at about the 6200 foot level. I thought it would be a good idea to do one more trip before the winter snow started!

Photo:  The first train that I caught was eastbound #8623, leading a manifest train at M.P. 185.0, just west of Troy. The drag detector said this train was traveling at 20 mph, which gave me ample and unhurried time to snap several photos.  The time was 0916 on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

Photo:  Today's second train appeared at 0942, a westbound, double-stack container train, led by #8037.  I had heard on the radio that this train was to meet the previous train I photo'd at Norden, so I knew this was coming, and I had ample time to choose my location and compose my shot.  The radio proved quite handy today, as there was a lot of action on U.P.'s road channel of 160.32 MHz. on the Roseville Subdivision, where Donner Pass is located.  This location is shot at Troy, M.P. 185.3.  By the way, a four wheel drive truck is required to get to Troy, and once you leave the pavement on the Roseville Subdivision, there are very few places I'd drive to, unless I was equipped with four wheel drive.

Photo:  I moved a quarter mile west, back to M.P. 185.0, very near where the first photo was taken and waited about an hour for eastbound #5346 to appear, leading a solid fruit block.

Photo:  I decided to change locations, so I packed up, and moved west to M.P. 177.0, which is just west of Shed 10. Today, this location was passable without four wheel drive, but I wouldn't railfan Donner Pass without a capable vehicle.  Wait until the snow starts falling!  U.P. #7531 leads a eastbound double stack train, at 25 mph.  This was another time the radio proved useful, as I knew this train was coming, and had ample time to choose my location. Photo was taken at 1218.

Photo:  I took a hike east to M.P. 178.1, and was rewarded with Amtrak #5, in a very scenic spot.

Photo:  Westbound U.P. #5286 leads a westbound stack train out of the west portal of Shed 10, at M.P. 178.1.  The time was 1340 in the afternoon, and I decided that I'd had enough excitement for the day, so I packed up my radio and camera, and headed home.  Despite the fact that the weather was sunny, the temperature was in the 30's all day.  I'm glad that I was dressed for chilly weather!

In the past, I've been on-location, hanging around listing to a quiet scanner for hours without trains, but today was a very productive railfan day on Donner Pass.  Love it!

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