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During the last 20 or so years, the so-called "Social Media" has completely transformed the way people live, conduct business, socialize, entertain, and every facet of life you can imagine.  Social Media has had a profound impact upon politics, particularly the General Election of 2020, with both sides rallying to support their chosen candidate, and both sides using "Social Media" for organization.  I'm no exception, as on Saturday, October 17, 2020, my like-minded friend, Adrienne and I attended a Trump rally in Rocklin, CA, and a "parade" of sorts to the state capitol.

Photo:  It's a little before 09:30 in the morning, on Saturday, October 17, 2020, and my friend and fellow Trump supporter, Adrienne and I have arrived at the rallying point in the parking lot of a former K-Mart store, in Rocklin, CA.  

We've arrived to rally, help re-elect the president, and enjoy the company of hundreds of like-minded citizens. Thank goodness, Placer County is mostly "red," unlike many counties to the west.  We're checking out one of the many kiosks selling Trump campaign wear, flags and swag.

Photo:  Fellow Trump supporters set up a table for those interested to sign a petition to recall the current governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

Photo:  The flag on the back of this Camero pretty much says it all...

Photo:  You have never seen so much patriotism!  American flags, Armed Forces flags, "Thin Blue Line" flags, and more Trump flags than you can ever imagine!  Today's rally even included hot rods and muscle cars, which added an energetic touch.

Photo:  My friend Adrienne and I are decked out in our  Trump gear, and proudly stand in front of my truck.

Photo:  Before the rally began, Adrienne went shopping in the "Trump Trailer" for clothes for her girlfriends.

Photo:  Adrienne smiles, as she proudly shows one of the many Trump shirts she purchased.

Photo:  Before the "Freedom Ride to the Capitol" began, we were treated to patriotic speeches by local dignitaries and Trump supporters.  Note the gathering has people from every walk of life, who embrace freedom, along with lower taxes.

Photo:  After this gentleman finished his rousing speech, a local singer sung the "Star Spangled Banner."  Today's Trump rally was truly a patriotic and inspiring event.

The speakers stressed that we'd be going into "hostile territory" - the Biden socialists don't seem to like the taste of freedom - when we passed through downtown Sacramento, and as we would find out an hour or so later, they were entirely correct.  The speakers suggested that we behave like ladies and gentlemen, despite what the ill-mannered Biden supporters threw at us.

Photo:  Adrienne and I proudly show our support for Mr. Trump, as we wear our "Trump gear" prior to departing for the "Freedom Ride to the Capitol."

Photo:  We're heading north in parade formation, along Pacific Ave. in Rocklin, CA, on our way to the state capitol.

Photo:  Along Pacific Street, there were Trump supports lining the street, as Placer County is Trump Country!  Look at the gentleman waving at the Dodge truck in front of us wearing a Trump mask. This Trump supporter knows how to support our president, and protect others from COVID-19 virus at the same time!  True multi-tasking...

Photo:  The Trump "Freedom Ride to the Capitol" is ready to turn on to Horseshoe Bar Road, and drive the 30 miles to the state capitol.  We encountered many Trump supporters along Pacific Street, and nearly everybody we encountered honked, waved, and gave us a "thumbs up."  There were over 300 vehicles in the parade.

Photo:  In downtown Sacramento, we encountered this obvious Biden supporter, voicing his First Amendment rights, as he rode his battered bicycle down 10th Street.

Photo:  As we passed by Cesar Chavez Park, near the corner of 9th and "I" Streets, we encountered a handful of Biden supporters, closely watched by the police, who weren't exactly welcoming to our group.  Although these "people" have the mannerism, and fortitude of swine, we returned their rude gestures with a smile, and a cheery wave.  The Sacramento City Police Department performed an outstanding job of keep the unruly socialists under control, using respect and dignity.

It's quite obvious these folks have no social graces, no command of the English language, and are so low in on the social scale they have to resort to profanity and "middle fingers" to get their message across.  

Photo:  Adrinne and I laughed as this small group of unruly socialists hurled "f-bombs" at us, and called us every foul name in the book.  These folks are have the intellect of a bag of rocks, and the only words they seem to be fluent is have four letters.  I'm certain when the ralley was over, they all crawled back into to their homeless camp tents, or back to their welfare mammas.

We especially laugged at the gal to the left of the photo, as she was waving her arms and jumping around like she had ants in her pants, or she had to pee, big-time.

Such is the miserable life on the socialist side of the fence.

Photo:  Note the "class" this no-doubt socialist "Black Lives Matter" young so-called "lady" exhibits, when she flips us the middle finger, and yells "f-bombs" at us.  The ancharists certanly don't belive in our First Amendmant rights, but they find no problem shouting their left-wing dogma at us, and attempting to browbeat their social adgenda into "real people," who enjoy a life of freedom.

Her companion looks as he's about ready to "flatline..."

Photo:  This fine "gentleman" shows the world just how much "class" your typical socialist, Biden supporters have, by his gesture. He's truly a "good will" ambassador for the Biden/Harris ticket! Poor fellow, I pity him, as he mother probably wore boots, he was probably fed dog biscuits as a kid, and most likely never passed 4th grade. Note the Biden/Harris sign that proudly backs up all that this "gentleman" stands for.

Such with the socialist, radical left, and those who lust for tyranny...

The rally turned out mostly peaceful, and the 300-strong vehicles in the motorcade upheld the core values that Trump supporters are known to adhere to.  The Biden supports were loud, annoying, disrespectful, and it seemed the only gestures they knew was how to "salute" with the middle finger, and the only adjectives they knew all started with the "f," and ended with you.  Such is the morality and education of the left-wing socialists...

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