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Sometimes, you just have to escape reality, and camp out with friends and family.  From Monday, July 25, 2015 to the 31st, I was a "happy camper" at Jerseyday campground, in the Sierra National Forest, with my brother Michael Rench, my brother-in-law Greg Wilson, and family friend Dan Weir.

Photo:  Monday, July 27, 2015, as we've set up our camp and we're enjoying dinner, around the campfire. Jerseydale campground is unique, as it's free, but offers amenities such as potable water, garbage service, and semi-clean pit toilets.  The campground is about a 15-minute drive from the nearest store, and about an hour from Yosemite National Park.  Up until a couple of years ago, this campground was only known to locals, and was only full during deer season.  Thanks to the web, people are now showing up from all over the United States and Canada.

Photo:  Tuesday morning, July 28, 2015, Dan Weir grins as he cooks breakfast.  Note his custom-built propane-fired camp stove.  The wok he's using was actually a disc blade, that used to break up soil.  I love the rebar handles.  It works, and Dan is a great camp cook.

Photo:  Naturally, we have to toast tortillas to enjoy for breakfast.

Photo:  Breakfast of sausage, potatoes, laced with diced onion and peppers, loaded on two corn tortillas.  Yummy!

Photo:  My brother, Michael, cooks steak on his propane grill for tonight's dinner.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner is grilled steak, fried potatoes and veggies - courtesy of Dan's wok - along with Michael's "salsa" that included tomato, cucumber and avocado.  Dinner was delicious!

Photo:  Just another evening in camp, as Michael, Dan and Greg relax, as I snap the photo.  Note the veggies cooking on Dan's stove/wok to the extreme right of the photo.  When we camp, we eat GOOD!

Photo:  Wednesday, July 29, 2015, and I'm cooking beans in a big ol' cast iron pot that my long-time friend, Rosi Dieball gave me.  I'm using Dan's wok for the beans.  I can bake or cook anything in this pot.

Photo:  Chicken, cooking on my Weber "Smokey Joe" charcoal-fired grill.  I frequently take it with me on camping trips, as it does an excellent job.  I used oak wood for smoke, as oak is very plentiful at Jerseydale.

Photo:  Dinner on Wednesday, July 29th.  We decided to go Mexican tonight, so I grilled chicken on my Weber grill, the way chicken is grilled in Mexico.  I made Mexican beans in the big ol' iron pot, added fresh salsa, and Dan toasted corn tortillas using his wok.  Dinner worked out great!

Photo:  My brother-in-law, Greg, shows the "stuff" he's made of, as he splits a piece of a log for tonight's fire the hard way.  Note the peppers and onions cooking on Dan's wok to the right of the photo.

Photo:  Tonight dinner was a beauty, thanks to the skills of chef Dan.  He grilled the steak using my charcoal grill, with oak wood for smoke.  He wrapped the corn in aluminum foil, but before sealing it, he added garlic and butter, OH MY!  The veggies were stir-fried in his wok, using his propane-fired grill.  The corn was then baked, over the camp fire, in my big ol' iron pot.  The meal worked and was delicious, but the corn took the blue ribbon of the meal.

Photo:  Thursday, July 30th, we enjoyed a simple meal of tamales and salsa.  Have you ever eaten tamales when you're camping in the Sierra National Forest?  The meal worked...

Such a great camping trip!  We'll be returning to Jerseydale, in the Sierra National Forest, soon...

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