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Do you really want to get away from everyting,  including the internet, television, bad political news, newspapers, traffic, and daytime radio reception?  Do you want to be pampered, fed some of the best food that Baja California has to offer, and spend time relaxing, and enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in Mexico? Visit Meling Ranch, and you'll be able to get away from it all, and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery that you've ever seen.

All About Meling Guest Ranch:  Here's an overview of Meling Ranch, with a little bit about the Meling family history, an overview of the ranch, and a things-to-do list.

Meling Guest Ranch Staff:  Meet the friendly people who make things happen at Meling Guest Ranch, including the ranch matriarch, Andrea Meling.

Meling Ranch:  A look around the ranch, including the beautiful scenery, guest accommodations, the pool hall and library, ranch animals, and a whole lot more.

Fine Cuisine at Meling Ranch:  If you're a "foodie" like I am, check out each delicious meal that I enjoyed during my visits to Meling Ranch.

Parque Nacional San Pedro Martir: Located about an hour's drive from Meling Ranch, you'd almost think that you were visiting Yosemite, rather than Baja California.

Meling Guest Ranch
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Alma y Barbara
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