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What is it like to spend an enjoyable afternoon, and eat a flavorful meal with a friend that you haven't seen for 50+ years?  In a word... "awesome."  Check out the photos, and enjoy "An Afternoon With Rosi's," with us...

Photo:  My friend, Rosi, lives in the small community of Onyx, CA.  I'm proud to park my Ford pickup in front of her Ford pickup truck.  Ah, the gate is open to friends, as she was expecting my wife, Sharlene, and I.  I love the "rockpile" in the background; it's part of Rosi's property.

Photo:  Tri tip was the main entre tonight... which was fine with me!  50+ year friends Rosi and I pose in front of her smoker, as we smoke tri tip for dinner, over oak.  Oak is very plentiful in the area, and makes for outstanding smoking.  It's very similar to hickory.

Photo:  Rosi and Sharlene kick back on Rosi's spacious patio, as tri tip and brussel sprouts smoke in the smoker. Since oak wood is plentiful in the area, we smoked the tri tip and brussel sprouts over oak, which worked out well.

Photo:  Tri tip and brussel sprouts smoking over oak.  We smoked the meat and veggies using the "indirect" method, as the oak was fired in a separate smoke box; the hot smoke wafted into the cooking chamber, which smoked/cooked the tri tip and brussel sprouts.  We "broke" the rules and used a HOT fire of around 350-degrees, but the meat was done in only about 2-1/2 hours, and turned out PERFECT!  We smoked/cooked the brussel sprouts for about an hour, but they were delicious, thanks to Rosi's perfect seasoning and marinade.

Photo:  Chef Rosi poses next to impressive dinner we enjoyed at her place!

Photo:  "The spread," clockwise, from left to right:  Twice-baked potatoes, oh my!, Portuguese sweet bread, potato salad, brussel sprouts, and tri-tip.  Dinner at Rosi's, "Oh my!"  Delicious...

Photo:  Oh yes!!!  My dinner... Portuguese sweet bread, twice-baked potato, brussel sprouts, potato salad, and smoked tri-tip.  Dinner is good at "Rosi's Caf!"  Oh my!

What is it like to see someone who used to live across the street from you:  We played, and we fought together as kids, we did stupid things, we hated each other, but after over 50 years, we're still friends?  Awesome!!!  Rosi is a great cook, a great person, a great friend, and she hasn't changed at all since the last time I saw her, back in 1963...  Rosi, I'm proud to call you my friend of 50-plus years!

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