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We  Bean Tacos for breakfast?  Hmmm, let's see...corn flakes, oatmeal, grits:  Boring!  Bean Tacos are tasty, quick to make, nutricious and good to eat.  In Mexico, Bean Tacos are a breakfast of choice.

Special tools:  Sharp knife, cutting board, microwave oven
Preparation time:  About 5 minutes
Cooking time:  30 seconds
Yield:  1 taco, that's enough breakfast for me, you may want more...

1/4 cup of my Cowboy or Refried Beans, using my homemade recipe
2 corn tortillas, 6" diameter; CD-sized 
2 tablespoons onions, any variety, diced;I prefer red onions for sweetness and color...
2 tablespoons  fresh cilantro, chopped
1 tablespoon jalapeno peppers, diced
1/4 avacado, sliced (optional)
Salt to taste

Dice  onions, cilantro, peppers and avacado (if used.)  Set aside.  Place two, heated tortillas on top of one another. Spoon bean mixture in middle of tortillas, heat in microwave oven for 30 seconds.  

Garnish with aforementioned veggies.  Serve immediately.


 Photo:  A "beanie taco" all ready to eat garnished with onions, cilantro, peppers and avacado slices.

Yes, Sharlene and I live in the U.S., or more specifically, Ka-lee-for-nee--ah, as pronounced by our ever-popular govenor, who I voted for and support 100%.   We don't do the traditional thing for breakfast on days when  we have to work, which seems like everyday. So, check out the "beanie tacos," as we call them, as they taste good, and they are easy to make and are very healthy.  Not to mention that they are a "working man's breakfast" in Mexico.  After all, I am an American Mexican, so that's a breakfast for me!


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