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If you've ever had the opportunity to visit a small Mexican loncheria, you'll immediately recognize this breakfast, as it's a popular breakfast combination in Mexico, and its probably my favorite breakfast.  You can substitute commercially made refried beans and salsa, but nothing beats making the ingredients from scratch.  Enjoy!

Special tools:  Cast iron frying pan, metal spatula, or George Foreman Grill, used as a griddle
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes 
Cooking time:  About 4 minutes
Yield:  1 serving 

2 eggs, fried Over Easy
1/2 cup
Refried Beans
4 cd-sized, corn tortillas
1/2 cup
Salsa Cruda or Ranchero Sauce
2 pieces bacon
1 Tb spoon lard, see text

In Mexico, this breakfast would be cooked on a propane-fired griddle, in a small locheria, and would cost the breakfast diner about MEX $25.00, which is much less than the fast-food slop that folks eat north of the border. Heat your cast iron frying pan to high heat; if you're using a George Foreman grill, use your griddle attachment, and adjust your grill to the "flat" setting.  Melt lard onto frying pan or griddle; the lard is used so the eggs won't stick to the cooking surface.

Photo:  Bacon and eggs, cooking on my George Foreman Grill, using the griddle attatchemnt.  You can use any griddle or a frying pan to achieve the same results.

Place bacon, commonly known as "tocino" in Spanish, on cooking surface.  After about a minute, place eggs on cooking surface, and cook according to directions.  Meanwhile, place refried beans and tortillas on plate and pre-heat in microwave oven for about 2 minutes, until tortillas and beans are hot.  Place ranchero sauce on plate.

Bacon takes about 4 minutes to cook and the eggs take about 3 minutes, and they should be ready at the same time.  Remove from frying pan or griddle, place on plate with the tortillas, beans and salsa.  Serve immediately.

Photo:  Gee, the Ranchero Sauce covers one of the eggs!  Delicious refried beans, eggs over easy, fried bacon, Ranchero Sauce, and a stack of 4 corn tortillas, for one of the best breakfasts that you'll ever have the pleasure to enjoy!

For authentic flavor, use real lard, preferably lard purchased in Mexico, as its tan in color and tastes like bacon grease, unlike the bland, white lard found in the U.S.  If you can't bring yourself to use lard, use bacon grease, vegetable shortening, or if you're really the healthy type, olive oil will work just fine.  In my opinion, lard is ok for your health, just as long as you don't eat it every day.  This recipe is a fine Sunday morning before church breakfast, so splurge, live a little, and enjoy an authentic Mexican breakfast, complete with lard, on Sunday morning.

As previously mentioned, if you were visiting a loncheria in Mexico, this meal would be prepared over a propane-fired griddle.  At home, I use my George Foreman grill, with the griddle attachment, as its easy, quick, cleanup is a breeze, and I don't have to turn over the eggs, as the Foreman will cook both sides of them.  When I'm camping, I prepare this recipe using a cast iron frying pay, or a cast iron griddle placed over the burners of my camp stove.  The choice of cooking instrument isn't critical, but don't forget to use real Mexican lard!

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