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Welcome to Eric and Sharlene's Wok, where we offer some some of our favorite recipes of food cooked using the stir-fry technique.  If you're not familiar with the term stir-fry, it means you cut, dice and prepare your food in advance, and then cook it in a wok, or a frying pan, in a pre-arranged order.  This allows each ingriedient to cook the proper amount of time, to achieve a light taste, with a little bit of "crunch" for added flavor.  Stir-fry cooking is fun, easy and you'll find that you'll be using the technique all of the time.  Enjoy our wok!  

Stir-Fry Appetisers and Side Dishes:  Appetisers provide the perfect way to get a delicious meal started, and are fun, informal "finger food" to serve to whet the appitite.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Recipes:  Delicious, main course meals prepared in your wok, with various types of meat and vetables, cooked together.

Wok Cooking Sauce and Marinade Recipes:  You just can't create a stir-fry dish without cooking sauce or marinades, we've included a few of our favorite recipes.  Under construction.

Stir-fry Cooking Teqniques:  What is stir fry?  How do I make delicious dishes on the new wok I just purchased?  If you're new to stir-fry cooking techniques, consider this section WOK-101.  Under construction.


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