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Aria Afghan Restaurant is one of a handful of restaurants, located in the greater Sacramento, CA area, that offers authentic Afghani cuisine.  Before today's visit, I'd never had the pleasure to experience the cuisine of Afghanistan. Now I know about the joys of Afghani cuisine, and now I'm a true believer...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Saturday afternoon, January 11, 2020, and it's my first time in my life to enjoy Afghan cuisine at Aria Afghan Restaurant, located in North Highlands, CA, in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the decor is simple, but clean, inviting and very comfortable.  You sit at any open table, which on this early Saturday afternoon was easy for us, as the dining room was lightly seated.

Photo:  Aria Afghan Restaurant is "dry," meaning that no beer, wine or liquor is served, so we contented ourselves to soft drinks, which our friendly server presented to us with a smile.

Photo:  One page of the lunch menu.  Since I'm new to the cuisine of Afghanistan, I started at the "top" of the menu, and went with a plate of "Mantoo," on the advice of the friendly server.

Photo:  The second page looked tempting, especially the chicken and kabob dishes, but we went with the "Mantoo," as our served told us it's a popular dish in Afghanistan.

Photo:  We took a peek, over the counter, and got a look into the kitchen, and our friendly staff at work.

Photo:  Our friendly server - I didn't catch her name - brings a plate of "Mantoo" along with a bowl of Afghani chutney for one of our lunches.  This was a "two plated" lunch, as she brought out the other lunch separately.  At Aria Afghan Restaurant, you get a lot to eat!

Photo:  My friend, Kathy and I pose for lunch, with identical plates of "Mantoo" at Aria Afghan Restaurant, located in North Highlands, CA, in the greater Sacramento area...

Photo:  Today was a "first" for my dining companion and I, neither of us had enjoyed the cuisine of Afghanistan before today.  We're troopers, so we started at the "top" of the menu, and both of us went with plates of "Mantoo," as our server let us know "Mantoo" is a popular Afghani dish.  Oh yes!!!

The menu reads, "Steamed Afghani dumplings, stuffed with ground beef, onions and spices, topped with garlic yogurt, split peas and dried mint.  That's a pretty simple description for a truly elegant dish!

Since my friend Kathy and I are total novices when it comes to Afghan cuisine, we asked our server for a recommendation of where to start.  She suggested we start at the top of the lunch menu, with "Mantoo," as she said it's as popular in Afghanistan as a hamburger is in the United States.  So, we took her suggestion, and enjoyed an amazing lunch of "Mantoo..."  Our lunch arrived in only about 15 minutes after placing our orders...

From what out server told is, "Mantoo," or mantu, is a really popular dish in Afghanistan.  We loved the stuffed ground beef and onion dumplings, and the thick, garlic, yogurt sauce that covered them.  Yes... beside the yogurt sauce, there were split peas and lots of dried mint leaves.

If this is what folks eat in Afghanistan... maybe I need to punch my ticket and relocate to that fine country.  Such great food!  Outstanding cuisine!  Simply delicious, anyway you look at it...

My friend and I were amazed at "Mantoo..." as our first foray into the taste and cuisine of Afghanistan.  Such a lovely dining experience!  We loved the food and the restaurant!  Aria Afghan Restaurant serves great food, along with friendly service, and the price is right.  In the greater Sacramento area, when you're in the mood for the cuisine of Afghanistan, visit Aria Afghan Restaurant, located in North Highlands, CA.

Aria Afghan Restaurant
5601 Watt Ave. #2
North Highlands, CA 95660
916 571-5424

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