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Do you love delicious barbecue smoked over oak, cooked as you watch by friendly people, as you listen to country music, or watch a live country band from the Honkytonk Stage at Cal Expo?  Smoke and country music aside, Big Bear BBQ serves great barbecue, at very reasonable prices!

Photo:  Big Bear BBQ serves great barbecue.  It's located outside, at the east end of Building "C" near the Honkytonk Stage and the cattle barns, which seems to be a perfect location for a barbecue restaurant.  

Photo:  Turkey legs are grilled over oak.  After I asked him, the grill chef told me that it takes about 45 minutes to cook a turkey leg.  He also told me they serve hundreds of turkey legs every day.  Note the huge smoker to the left of the photo.  

Photo:  The huge smoker in the previous photo cooks chickens, lots of them, at the same time.  Note the stacks of oak logs, which Big Bear BBQ uses to smoke their meat, but the chef did omit they get the oak started by using charcoal briquettes.  Whatever, as it's all good!

Photo:  Chickens smokin' on the smoker, many of them.  This is only half of the smoker, as the other half had more chickens cooking.  Big Bear BBQ serves lots of chickens.  After seeing all of these chickens cooking, I decided to order chicken for my lunch.

Photo:  Big Bear BBQ's menu is posted at the counter.  The format is that you choose from the menu, order it, pay for your order, receive a number, and, in about 10 minutes, your number is called, and you receive your order.

Photo:  My order gal, Anna, presents my order of a Half Chicken Dinner.  More on that in another photo.  I asked the gal to the right of the photo, who seemed to be the "boss," if the name of the restaurant was derived after the SoCal city of Big Bear, or after the motto of the fair, and she assured me the name was derived from the motto of the California State Fair.

Photo:  Thanks, Anna, for taking my photo, as I pose with my "dinner," sans salsa.  Your basic half-chicken is priced at $10.00, but if you shell out another $4.00, you get cole slaw, beans and a roll, which seemed good to me.

Photo:  Man can't live by food alone, so I bellied up to the bar, at the adjacent Honkytonk Stage, and ordered a 24-oz beer from the friendly bartendresses.  I love these gals, as they are not only pretty, and serve cold beer, but they're very friendly.

Photo:  "Cheers!"  You beautiful girls, from a dirty old man...

Photo:  My lunch of a half chicken, barbecue beans, cole slaw, roll, pico de gallo, from the salsa bar, and a large beer.  The chicken was smoky, delicious, and perfectly cooked.  The beans and the cole slaw tasted like food you'd enjoy from a cattle drive chuck wagon, which is a compliment, and the pico de gallo, or commonly known as fresh salsa, was fresh, delicious, and rivaled the salsa found in the best Mexican restaurant.  As an aside, the pico de gallo was a condiment offered at the condiment bar, free of charge.  Such a great lunch!!!

Photo:  A very friendly diner, Scott, was gracious to snap my photo, as I hold my beer, and ready to "dig in" to my delicious lunch.

Check out this place, as the barbecue is "to die for," the staff is friendly, and the condiment bar features delicious, fresh, in-house made pico de gallo, which will knock your socks off.  The nearby Honkytonk Stage offers cold beer, live country music, and lots of shady, comfortable seating, so you have a winning combination when you dine at Big Bear BBQ at the California State Fair.

Big Bear BBQ
Building "C"
Cal Expo - California State Fair
Sacramento, CA

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