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BurgerIM is the latest fast food restaurant to open in Antelope, CA, that specializes in burgers, which was sorely needed in the area, as locals have been asking for more burger restaurants, as the area has been known as a "burger desert."  BurgerIM opened their doors during the height of the virus, in the summer of 2020, and they have been serving delicious burgers ever since...

As with all reviews  I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early afternoon on Sunday, May 16, 2020, as my friend and I are going to check out BurgerIM, located in Antelope, CA, in the greater Sacramento area, to enjoy a couple of burgers at the newest burger restaurant to open in the Antelope area.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the sparse furniture, and the video monitors, which promote various offerings. There are "BurgerIM" slogans everywhere!  The dining room is spacious, comfortable, and "squeaky" clean.  We noticed every other table had chairs piled on it, and we assumed that this was because of the COVID-19 virus?  We didn't ask... but tables were widely spaced, so we assumed management is adhering to the virus mandates of the state.

Photo:  Robert places his order for a "Angus Beef" beef burger, as the friendly cashier takes his order.

BurgerIM operates on what I refer to as the "taqueria format."  That means that you walk up to the order counter, order your selection from the overhead menu, pay for your order, and the order taker/cashier will give you a number, or will ask your name, and if the restaurant isn't too busy, will bring your order to your table.  No tips are expected or "mandatory," but there is a tip jar on the order counter.  BurgerIM is "hi-tech" all the way, as everything from the menu to the kitchen is computerized and on a LED monitor.

Photo:  The LED menu is posted above the ordering counter.  Not shown on the menu is the fact that there were several varieties of beer on tap, which is surprising for a "second tier" fast food restaurant.  I was both dazzled and amazed thinking of enjoying a draught beer, but in the end, the soda fountain won out.

Photo:  One of the many signs or posters on the wall that state the core values of the restaurant.

Photo:  The kitchen is mostly open, and is located behind the order counter, where you can see the talented burger chef at work.  As you can see... BurgerIM features flame-broiled burgers, which makes for a great burger.  Note the computer screen to the left of the photo, which seems to control the way the restaurant operates.

Photo:  Our friendly hostess brings our burgers to us, behind a masked smile.  Sadly, I didn't get her name, but she was gracious, charming, and actually liked me taking her photo.  Thanks, honey... I put a generous tip in the tip jar.

Our charming hostess took our order, and when it was ready, about 15 minutes after paying for it, brought it to our table with a smile.  BurgerIM is considered a "fast food" restaurant, but they definitely deliver "quality food" at a "moderate" pace.

Photo:  Robert and I are happy guys, as we're ready to enjoy a great 'burger lunch" at BurgerIM, located in Antelope, CA.

Photo:  Robert's "Angus Beef" 1/3 pound burger, along with his fries and drink order, was identical to mine, except that he ordered a "gluten free" bun, which is an option, as BurgerIM provides nearly unlimited options for their burgers.

Photo:  From the "Big Burgerim" side of the menu, I went with the "Angus Beef" burger, which was at the top of the menu, and seemed like a great place to start, since today was my first visit to BurgerIM.

The "hi-tech" LED menu, above the order counter describers the burger as "1/3 pound patty, house sauce, pickles, leaf lettuce, Roma tomatoes, shaved onions and American cheese."  Sounds good to me.  Both Robert and I went with the "Make It A Meal" option which included a side of round fries, and unlimited trips to the soda fountain, which featured Pepsi products.

The one-third pound patty of Angus beef was flame broiled to medium, which is the way I like it.  When placing my order, it never occurred to me to specify how I wanted my patty cooked, but later, when talking to our friendly server, she mentioned they will be glad to cook your patty to your specification.  Medium seems to be the "default," and it worked in my direction.  The meat was tender, perfectly cooked and delicious, and at one-third pound, it made for a substantial cheeseburger.

The bun was a large, fresh roll, which was on the "sweet" side, but was delicious.  The burger was quite interesting, as it was "layered."  Alright, what I mean is starting from the bottom bun, you started with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, and a couple of dill pickle slices.  Then came the meat, with a slab of melted American cheese before the top bun.  Speaking of buns, they aren't toasted or buttered... they're just buns.  No worries, as there was a great bun-to-meat ratio which made for a great burger.

The "Make It A Meal" option included fries and unlimited trips to the soda fountain.  OK, you can't go wrong with Pepsi products, as if you like soft drinks, what's not to like?  The drinks were unremarkable, but the fries were definitely something I'd never seen before.  At first glance, I thought they were round, thick potato chips, but they turned out to be round, thick fries.  Yes, deep fried to a light golden brown, with absolutely no salt, seasoning or oily taste.  The fries were definitely on the bland side, so I asked our friendly hostess for ketchup, and I was rewarded with five little packages of ketchup that I had to open using my teeth, as I didn't have any scissors or diagonal pliers handy.

The burger was great, but not really memorable, the fries were bland, but with the help of the ketchup, worked wonders and made a great side.  The food was good, the service was outstanding, and all-in-all, my friend and I enjoyed a great burger experience.

The burgers are great, the fries are unique and tasty, and the service is great.  What isn't there to like about BurgerIM, located in Antelope, CA?

BurgerIM Antelope
7893 Walerga Rd. Suite 102
Antelope, CA 95843
916 560-8934

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