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While watching my favorite morning television show, "Good Day Sacramento,"  the show included a highlight of Bubbie's Love Deli and Catering.  After seeing the magic that owner Stacie and her crew can do with food, I knew I had to check it out.  And, what a deli it is...

Photo:  Bubbie's Love Deli and Catering is located in a small strip mall on the northeast corner of Sunrise Blvd. and Antelope Rd., in Citrus Heights, which is very close to Roseville.

Photo:  View from the front door, showing the small dining room, and my friendly hostess, Megan, at the left of the photo.  I sat at the breakfast counter, where the chair is pulled out.  The counter is small, with exactly four chairs, and the dining room is very compact, but it's cozy and friendly.

Photo:  On this mid Thursday morning, December 18, 2014, two employees were working the restaurant, Megan, who was handling serving duties, and Dean, who was doing the cooking.  Both staff members were very friendly, and treated me like royalty during my visit.  My only regret is that I didn't have the opportunity to meet the owner of the restaurant, Stacie, as she was away on business.

Photo:  I love restaurants with open kitchens, and Bubbie's kitchen can be seen from the breakfast counter and the dining room.  I snapped this photo as I sat at the breakfast counter.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Megan, snapped my photo, with my breakfast, as I sat at the breakfast counter.

Photo:  Today, I enjoyed a "Two-egg, Kosher Breakfast Platter."  For this particular item, the menu choices are nearly endless, but in my case, I chose two eggs over easy, pastrami, latkes, and sourdough toast.  Also included was sour cream, and in-house-made apple butter, with fresh apples from nearby Apple Hill.  Such a delicious breakfast!

I must confess that I had never heard of Bubbie's Love Deli and Catering until a couple of weeks ago, when the owner of the restaurant, Stacie Shoob-Allen was featured on the popular news-magazine television show Good Day Sacramento. She demonstrated the art of cooking latkes, and I was hooked, and I knew I HAD to visit this wonderful restaurant.  After enjoying a delicious breakfast, and delightful hospitality, I'm glad I visited Bobbie's.

It has been a long time since I've enjoyed a kosher breakfast, but it won't be long until I return to Bubbie's Love Deli and Catering.  They're open for breakfast and lunch, so I'll be back for more.

Bubbie's Love's menu states, "The secret ingredient is... Bubbie's Love," and that's a true statement, as the food is delicious, and truly made with "love."  The food is kosher, it's delicious, and the staff is friendly, and will treat you like family.  I "love" Bubbie's!

Bubbie's Love Deli and Catering
7800 Sunrise Blvd. #11
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
916 722-7800

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