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With a name like Chester Old Town Cafe, how can you go wrong?  You can't, as the cafe serves delicious food in a rustic, comfortable dining room, and the staff is very friendly, not to mention they're one of only a couple of full-service restaurant open for breakfast, in the small, Plumas Country town of Chester, California.

Photo:  Chester Old Town Cafe is located on the east side of town, on the east side of the Feather River.  It's 0700 on Friday morning, August 15, 2015, just after the restaurant opened, and I'm set to enjoy a great breakfast.  Yes, that's my truck parked next to the restaurant.

Photo:  View of the restaurant, from the front door, showing the small counter, the small dining room, with a view into the kitchen to the extreme right of the photo.  When I first entered, I thought maybe it was just a bakery, until I noticed the menu on the wall, behind the counter.  The dining room is very comfortable and pleasant.

Photo:  The men is quite limited, but my choice of a "Ham & Cheddar Cheese Omelet" turned out to be a winner.

Photo:  I love to peek into the kitchen whenever I get a chance, and if there's an open door, I always try to snap a photo.  I used existing light, so I was able to snap a photo of the chef preparing my breakfast, without her being aware of what I was doing.  Stealth at best!  However, considering how friendly she was - why didn't I get her name? - I'm sure she wouldn't have minded my photography.

Photo:  My friendly server, Ashley, poses after delivering my breakfast.  I had quite a conversation with her, and learned she is a native of Chester, loves Lassen Volcanic National Park, and was working at the restaurant during the summer, as she was about to resume her studies at Chico State College.  She's planning on a career in psychology, which is quite a change of pace from being a friendly server at Chester Old Town Cafe.  I was "fueling-up" on breakfast, as I was on the way to Lassen Volcanic National Park to hike Brokeoff Mountain.  The service was friendly, and in a word, outstanding.

Photo:  Thanks, Ashley, for snapping my photo, as I pose with my delicious breakfast.  During the 45-minutes or so that I spent at Chester Old Town Cafe, I was the only dine-in customer, but the phone rang many times, and there were several customers who came in to pick up take-out orders, which in every case, turned out to be breakfast burritos.  Funny this is that I've never acquired a taste for breakfast burritos.

Photo:  From the limited menu, my choice was "Ham and Cheddar Cheese Omelet," along with country fried potatoes - the menu does not include hash browns - and sourdough toast.  Coffee, of course!  I absolutely loved breakfast, and devoured it like a cave man, as the breakfast was delicious, and I was starving, and attempting to "buff-out" so I could conquer Brokeoff Mountain later that morning.  Fantastic breakfast!

The breakfast is delicious, the staff is friendly, the price is reasonable, and the breakfast is very filling.  Chester Old Town Cafe is a great restaurant to enjoy breakfast, when you're visiting Chester.

Chester Old Town Cafe
150 Main St.
Chester, CA 96020
530 258-2235

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