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We love Mexican food and we need our fix on a regular basis.  During our  visit to Eureka, CA,  in October of 2004, in order to get our fix of Mexican food, The Jalisco Cafe seemed like the place to go.

When I come to a town , and I'm not familiar with good places to eat, rather than rely on good ol' fast food, I have a tendency to ask the locals for their recommendations.  Tonight, Mexican food seemed like the proper cuisine, so I asked the girl at the motel desk if there was a good Mexican restaurant nearby, and she recommended The Jalisco Cafe, only three blocks north of the motel where we were staying, during this October, 2004 visit to Eureka.

Photo:  The Jalisco Cafe, at 4th and "S" in Eureka, is considered by locals to be the best Mexican restaurant in Humboldt County.  I can't disagree with that statement!  On this Sunday evening, October 10, 2004, we're hungry, and ready for a great Mexican dinner.

Photo:  Sharlene sits at our booth, as this photo gives an idea of the light, airy, Mexican decor that Jalisco features.

The Jalisco Cafe, at 4th and "S" in Eureka, is a first-class Mexican restaurant in Eureka, along California's north coast. You walk through the double doors (to shield against the wind and rain, and sometimes, winter snow) and immediately notice the earthy, pastel decor, the delicious smell of corn tortillas on the griddle, and the traditional Mexican music that's softly playing in the background.  If you glance over at the bar, you'll see a margarita glass that's at least a foot in diameter.  Are their margaritas really that big?

The greeter comes up and asks you if you want a table or a booth.  We opted for a booth, and we were seated next to the window, with a view of the highway traffic.  If we were fans of semi trucks, motorhomes or motorcycles, we'd be in hog-heaven.  We aren't really, but it was amusing to watch the southbound traffic drive by as we engaged in pleasant conversation.

Photo:  If you don't want to order a dinner, Jalisco features a dinner bar, with all your favorite Mexican dishes ready for you.  It's buffet-style, all-you-can-eat, and serve yourself.  Normally, we don't pass up a buffet, but tonight, we felt like splurging, and ordering from the menu.

Photo:  You can get a look into the spotless kitchen through a couple of doors, that seem to remain open most of the time.

Immediately, we were presented with a bowl of fresh tortilla chips and a bowl of salsa that was flavorful, yet not hot.  When asked for our drink preferences, Sharlene ordered ice tea, and I ordered a Pacifico beer. Later, we gave into to temptation and each of us had one of their margaritas.  No, their margaritas aren't a foot in diameter, but they're mighty big!

Photo:  Tossed green salad that came with the Pescado Empasido that I ordered tonight.  Since we were in Eureka, on California's north coast, we felt like fish, so I ordered fish for dinner tonight, rather than visiting the buffet.  Quite a salad!

Photo:  Maria, our cute - very important - and charming server, allows me to photograph her as she serves my beautiful wife, Sharlene.  My order is already on the table, and my wife's order is on the way.

Photo:  I didn't break the camera lens, but I managed to talk Maria into taking a photo of me as I was ready to tackle my delicious dinner.

Sharlene chose a tamale and chili rellano dinner, I chose their "Sunday Special" which consisted of Pescado Empasido with rice and beans, corn tortillas and a tossed-green salad.  In plain English, that was breaded fish, browned to a crisp in a fry pan, garnished with guacamole, lettuce and onions.  Hey, Eureka is on Humboldt Bay, and extension of the Pacific Ocean, why not eat fish for dinner?

Photo:  Oh boy... margaritas and fine Mexican dinners, life just doesn't get any better.  The margaritas are BIG, delicious, and really make a wonderful dinner even better.  Thankfully, our motel was within easy walking distance of the restaurant, or it would have been time to call a cab.

Photo:  My delicious meal of Pescado Empasido - fried fish, Mexican style - rice, beans and a small salad served on the side, as per the norm in most Mexican restaurants. Tortillas are wrapped up in foil, just above the empasido.  This was an outstanding dinner...

Judge the presentation for yourself, as the food served at Jalisco Cafe is beautiful, filling and, just plain delicious. The service was friendly, efficient, but not intrusive.  The check came to a little over $30.00 for both of our dinners, a Pacifico, ice tea and two large margaritas.  Not too bad considering, and we definitely left the place with our stomachs full.  After enjoying the margaritas, it was a good idea that we only had to hike three blocks to our motel!

When you're in Eureka I can highly recommend The Jalisco Cafe for a fine, Mexican dinner.

Jalisco Cafe
1718 4th St.
Eureka, CA 94401
707 444-2487

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