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You don't have to travel to Monterey to enjoy delicious seafood, or deep fried vegetables, as all you have to do is to visit Monterey Bay Seafood, at Cal Expo, located next to the Livestock Nursery, at the California State Fair.

Photo:  Monterey Bay Seafood is located across from the Livestock Nursery, and offers plenty of seating.  

Photo:  The menu offers a vast array of seafood - mostly deep fried - including shrimp, fish, clams, catfish, salmon, crawfish, calamari, vegetables, and lots more, including a salmon burger!  The counter gal seemed to be a bit stressed and hurried, but I don't blame her, as it was 103 degrees outside, and I don't want to think about how hot it was inside, with all the griddles and deep fryers going in full operation.  I asked here how the restaurant got the name, and she told me the owner used to live in Monterey, and operate a fish restaurant there.  That's a far cry from a sweltering July day at the California State Fair!

Photo:  No, I'm not a "vegan," but I can't resist a plate of deep fried vegetables.  I ordered the "Vegetable Plate," which included deep fried onion rings, zucchini, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and a cup of tartar sauce for dipping.  Cocktail sauce was provided as a condiment, but I declined.  

Photo:  I shared a table with this guy, who ordered a pound of craw dads, and he proceeded break them up, and eat them, just like you do a crab.  Crayfish are delicious, but since each one is so small, and you have to take them apart to eat them, it's a lot of work, but this guy was up to the challenge.

Photo:  One pound of deep fried craw dads, ready to eat, which should prove to be a half-hour project, by the time you get to dissecting every one of them, an devouring each bit of flesh.  Delicious eatin', but too much work for me!

I didn't get a chance to sample their seafood, but the plate of deep fried veggies I enjoyed was delicious.  Unfortunately, Monterey Bay Seafood does not have an address, web site, nor an email, so I guess you just have to catch 'em at the California State Fair.

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