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Late Friday morning, and early afternoon, August 16, 2019, I spent a couple hours hiking around the Port of West Sacramento, taking photos of ships docked at the port.  By early afternoon, the temperature had topped 100 degrees, and I was hungry, tired, and thirsty for a cold beer.  I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than a burger and a beer, so I headed over to Pitch and Fiddle, located in Sacramento, to enjoy a delicious burgerr and a beer or two, in a cool, air conditioned sports pub.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Pitch and Fiddle is tucked away in a small shopping center, next to a major "big box" discount retailer, on La Rivera Drive, near the American River, and Sacramento's famous American River Bike Trail.  

It's a little before 2 in the afternoon on Friday, August 16, 2019, and after hiking in the heat, I'm ready for a burger, and a couple of cold beers.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll most likely be drawn to the full-service bar, which serves a wide array of Irish whiskey, with a seeming endless variety of mainstream, local brews, and craft beer on tap.

Personally, I'd describe Pitch and Fiddle as more of a "sports bar" than an Irish pub, as there are television monitors tuned to every sporting event being broadcast, and many photos of sporting events, and sporting memorabilia decorate the dining room.  Note that most of the seating consists of bar stools, but the wall is lined with tables, that offer more, shall we say... relaxed seating.  I sat at the bar next to the gentleman in the white shirt.

Photo:  The menu is two-sided, and the first side features appetizers, small plates and big plates.  The "Irish Tacos," under the "Small Plates" section of the menu were definitely calling my name, but I'd been dreaming of a burger all day, so in the end, the burger won out.

Photo:  You flip the menu over, and you arrive at the "Between the Buns," and the "Weekend Plates," where breakfast is served on weekends.  

I really wanted to attempt the "No Chance Burger..." ten years ago, I could have eaten it in one setting, and netted myself a tee shirt, but that was ten years ago.  So, to appease my burger craving, I went with a "Big Ass Burger," which includes fries, although fries aren't posted on the menu.  I asked my server...

Photo:  As you sit at the bar, look up, and you'll see endless beer taps that line the ceiling of the bar, and around some of the dining room.  I though this was simply decoration, and when I asked a staff member, I learned these taps are actually used.  In all my years of beer drinking, I've never seen anything like this before.

Photo:  Today's friendly hostess, Simone T., pours a glass of wine for a bar patron.  She certainly kept herself busy today, as she was tending bar, waiting tables, bussing tables, and seemingly being everywhere at once.  

Photo:  Simone pours an 805 beer from the tap, as one of the kitchen staff bring a steak sandwich to the gentleman sitting next to me at the bar.  If you look to the right-middle of the photo, you'll get a glimpse into the kitchen through the swinging doors.

Photo:  Meet my friendly server, Simone T., who delivers my "Big Ass Burger," and fries, with a smile.  She was a busy person, as she was tending bar, waiting tables, bussing tables, and basically kept the restaurant smoothly operating.  Despite her being very busy, she was happy to chat, answer questions, and proved to be a friendly, and efficient server.  Thanks for your smile!

Photo:  Simone snaps my photo, as I get ready enjoy my "Big Ass Burger," along with an order of fries, and a Bud Lite, from the tap, to enjoy with my lunch.  Don't you love the beautiful presentation and the square plate?

Photo:  From the "Between The Buns" section of the menu, I ordered the "Big Ass Burger,"  as I was hungry, and there is nothing that I love more than a big burger. The burger comes with a MOUNTAIN of fries, and is dressed with cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and optional dill pickle slices on the plate, which I added.

Your "Big Ass Burger" starts with a half-pound patty of beef, cooked to your specifications.  I was surprised when Simone asked me how I wanted my burger cooked - that doesn't happen at many restaurants - but I reacted with the word "medium," and that's how my burger arrived, cooked perfectly medium, and oozing with flavor. The beef patty is placed between a fresh, toasted brioche bun, that is mildly sweet, flavorful, and actually holds together when you bite into it.

This is a cheeseburger, and you get your choice between jack and Cheddar cheese, and for some reason today, I chose Cheddar for my cheese.  No worries, as the cheese was melted on the meat patty, the way a proper cheeseburger is meant to be, and you could actually TASTE the melted cheese, and it complimented the meat, along with the fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, and the pickle slices.  

Condiments of salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, malt vinegar, along with hot sauce were provided, but I didn't feel the need to dress my burger with anything, as the taste was amazing as it arrived hot from the kitchen, and nothing needed to be added to this delicious burger.  

I took one bite, and I could taste that I'd arrived at "Burger Nirvana."  

You like fries?  You get a lot of them, and they're GOOD fries.  Naturally they were deep fried, but they were cooked perfectly, without a hint of grease, oil, or too much salt.  I love it when some of the skins are left on, and I got my wish today with my order of fries.  Great fries!  These fries were so good, that I didn't even bother to dip them in ketchup, and that's making a supreme statement, as I normally dip my fries in ketchup.

This is definitely an "old school" burger, as it drips juice when you bite into it, and with every bite, you get a surge of flavor from the beef patty, and all of the other ingredients that accompany it, and make the "Big Ass Burger" a delicious, "Bad Ass Burger."

Photo:  Close-up of my "Big Ass Burger"  and fries, after I removed the knife.  You can see the beautiful lettuce, red onion, tomato, and Cheddar cheese, that's perfectly melted on the beef patty.  Such a great burger and fries!

Not only does Pitch and Fiddle serve an amazing burger, but they deliver a friendly, quality, and a FUN dining experience. The beer is cold, the burgers are hot, the sports action is nonstop, and the staff is super friendly.  When you're in the mood for a great dining experience near the America River, head over to Pitch and Fiddle.

Pitch and Fiddle
8704 La Riviera Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95826
916 573-4782

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