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How do you brighten up the workplace after enjoying a four day weekend?  Go out to dinner!  Tuesday, February 21, 2012, after a long President's Day weekend, my friend and co-worker Teri suggested that we go out to dinner. It was her turn to choose, and her choice was Panera Bread, which is a quick two-minute drive from work.


Photo:  Panera Bread is located in the Arden Arcade area of Sacramento, near the busy intersection of Watt Ave. and El Camino Ave.  This outlet is ultra-modern, and squeaky-clean, and offers comfortable outdoor dining.  We chose not to dine outdoors on this chilly February evening...


Photo:  You walk into Panera Bread, and you place your order at the counter. The menu selection is posted on the lighted menu in back of the order counter, while tempting baked goods reside under the glass case, to the left of the order position.  Teri is placing our order, as the friendly counter guy waves at me, as I snap the photo on my iPhone 4.


Photo:  Since I'd never visited Panera Bread before today's visit, I just told my friend Teri to order, "whatever..." as I love everything that goes into my mouth, as I love everything.  Teri placed the order, so she and I ordered the identical dinner:  Combo of 1/2 sandwich "Bacon Turkey Bravo" and small bowl of French Onion soup.


Photo:  The simple, yet elegant dining room.  Not shown is that many patrons were busy spending time online, as Panera Bread offers free WIFI, so it's a favorite place for tech-types to linger, long after their favorite meal has been eaten.


Photo:  I asked my co-worker, friend, and dining companion, Teri how she managed to hold the plates so securely, and she told me that before she joined at&t, she used to be a food server.  Well, Teri, your presentation of our delicious meal is a great thing, for my digital camera...


Photo:  My bowl of French Onion soup, Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich, and a unique butterflied apple.  Since I'd never eaten at Panera Bread before, I simply ordered the same thing that Teri ordered, as I always like the same thing that she likes, and she has exquisite taste.  She didn't lead me astray, as this dinner was excellent!  The ingredients were super fresh, and the tomato/basil bread was probably the best part of the meal.  The bread was super-fresh, soft and chewy, and the crust was just a little bit hard, the way a good crust is supposed to be.  The meal was a bit on the pricey side, but the quality was outstanding, so Panera Bread falls into the "expensive but worth it" category.


Photo:  Teri and I sat at a booth at the rear of the dining room, which gave us a good opportunity to chit-chat about the goings-on at work, the state of the union, the state of the art, and whatever else was on our minds.  

Today was my first visit to Panera Bread, and I truly enjoyed our dining experience.  It is definitely not like the usual diners, hot dog stands and taquerias that I normally frequent.  I'm looking forward to the next time we visit Panera Bread, on El Camino Ave., in Sacramento.

Panera Bread
3328 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 483-6751

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