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In California, we call 'em crawdads.  In Lousiana, they're crawfish.  At the 2013 Crawfish and Catfish Festival, held in Sacramento, crawdads, or crawfish, whatever you call them, are cooked Lousiana-style at PoBoy's, and they're delicious!  

Photo:  PoBoys offers delicious shrimp, catfish, oysters and more... they cater, but we were interested in the crawfish.  Offered at Crawfish and Catfish Festival, in Sacramento.  Folks line up for delicious food, and believe me, the food is delicious!

Photo:  Jesse. shows me how to cook crawfish, in a 80-gallon pot, outdoors, over propane-fired heat.  I must ad that Jessie is truly a professional, an a nice guy, as he and I enjoyed a very pleasant conversation.  I peppered him with questions, and he answered them, in a very friendly, and professional manner.  

Photo:  Staff are cooking roux, and more to make things happen at PoBoys...

Photo:  Our friend Rick smiles for my camera, as he prepares to order a pound of crawfish, potatoes and corn, for his lovely wife's lunch.


Photo:  The local Cajun band, "Z.O.O.M." plays, well, Cajun music, as local folks enjoy, kick up their heels and enjoy the dance floor.  We spent much of the afternoon enjoying live, Cajun music.  What an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon!

Photo:  Deanne is starting to put away a POUND of crayfish! Yes, this girl knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, including crawfish.

Photo:  Thank you, Deanne, as you gave instructions on how to eat a crawfish.  So, I picked one of the crawfish, twisted it, and picked off the head.  I sucked the "stuff" out of the head... whatever!  Then, I used my thumb to force the meat out of the tail.  That is how you eat crawfish.  Yes, it's a lot of work but the effort is worth it!

Photo:  The $5.00 dinner!  You get five crawfish, and a choice of a potato, or an half ear of corn.  My friend, Deanne, donated a half-ear or corn to my lunch, hence this photo.  The crawfish are good... delicious... very good!

Well, this was my fist experience at enjoying Louisiana-style crawfish, and it was a lot of fun!  PoBoy's cooks the crayfish in the authentic Louisiana style, so my dining experience was a close to the Louisiana bayou as I'll ever get in Sacramento.  Delicious!!!

3119 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817
916 538-6876

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