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The Rubicon Brewing Company, named after the famous Jeep trail of the same name, has been a midtown Sacramento icon since they opened their doors, and their taps, back on November 01, 1987.  Ever since, they have been offering great micro brew, brewed at their location, sourced from local ingredients.  Alas, due to stiff competition, and an increasingly difficult business climate, Rubicon Brewing Company cooked their last burger on August 09, 2017, and will pour the last of their great beer at the end of the mounth.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Rubicon Brewing Company has been a popular midtown Sacramento brew pub and restaurant since November 01, 1987, and over the years, has amassed a local clientele of mostly midtown locals. On this late Wednesday morning, August 09, 2017, the weather is sunny, and the temperature is in the mid-70's, which makes for perfect weather to enjoy lunch on Rubicon's shady patio, in front of the restaurant.  Today is the last day the restaurant will be serving food, and by the end of the month, the brewery, and the pub will shut down for good.

Photo:  I entered the restaurant at 11:01, a minute after opening, to a mostly empy bar and restaurant.  The emptiness didn't last long, as by 11:30, the restaurant was packed with midtown legislators, business people, and diners to wanted to sample the restaurant's fine cuisine, for the last time.  The small kitchen is located in the center of the photo, to the rear, with an open pick-up window which faces the dining room.  That allows for good kitchen photos!

Photo:  The dining room is quite large, and rustic iside, with a somewhat "industrial" decour, which includes bricks, corrigated sheet metal, and exposed plumbing and lighting at the ceiling.  Above all, it's friendly, tasteful and comfortable.  The beer menu is posted on the wall behind the server, unfortunately on this last day of food service, not all menu items were available, including the signature beer, "Rubicon I.P.A."

Photo:  By 11:30, the main dining room was filling up, the the patio was packed to capacity.  Note the vaguely "industrial" decour, including the corrigated sheet metal behind the bar.  All beer on the menu is brewed at the brewery, located in the restaurant - see next photo - using local ingredients.  After all, Sacramento us America's "Farm to Fork" capitol, so whatever you eat or drink is most likely grown in the local area.

Photo:  There are several windows in the restaurant's dining room that look into the brewery, so you can watch the brewers in action.  Sacramento's major newspaper recently reported that Rubicon Brewing Company will make two more batches of beer, then shut down the brewery for good.  The restaurant will be closed by the end of this month - August 2017 - and if the beer runs out, the restauant will close sooner.

Photo:  The shady patio is in full use on this late Wednesday morning.  Today, which was the last day of food service, the restaurant seemed a bit unorganized, as as I placed my order at the bar, I mentioned that I planned to dine on the patio, and the bartender told me they were no longer offering patio service.  Instead, I took a seat by the window, so I could watch midtown Sacramento life as I waited for my order arrive.  During the next few minutes, I suppose management had a change of heart, as soon the patio was very busy.

Photo:  This is the final menu, offered for today only, as food services ceases to exist when the restaurant closes tonight.  The menu is very small, as it's only about a third the size of the menu offered during better days.  Note the lack of tomatoes, as the restaurant was out of tomatoes, and for obvious reasons, weren't about to order any more.  

I had actually planned to order their famous "Fish and Chips" plate, but the deep fryer was shut down for good.  I ended up ordering "The Classic Burger," and had to settle for potato salad, rther than fries, as the deep fryer was history.  

Photo:  The small, "old school" kitchen is located at the rear of the restaurant, and the order window allows your photographer to peek into the kitchen, and photograph the staff in action.  Check out the Reuben sandwiches with the side orders of potato salad.  I would venture to say that later in the day the potato salad will run out, and diners will have to settle for veggies as a side dish.  I love veggies, and eat lots of them every day, but when I order a burger, or a Reuben sandwich, I want fries!

Photo:  Meet Lisa, my friendly server who brings my burger and potato salad to me with a smile.  Sadly, at the end of the day, she'll be unemployed.

The restaurant has a small merchandise counter that sells mostly t-shirts and gift cards.  Lisa is wearing one of the "30 Years" shirts, sold in the restaurant as souvenirs, which seems ironic, as the restaurant would have celebrated it's 30th anniversary this November 1st.

Photo:  I'm all smiles as Lisa takes my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy a delicious burger at The Rubicon Brewing Company.  To accompany my lunch, I ordered a "Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale," as I had plenty of time for it to work off before I had to drive.  Actually, I'd wanted to order the "Rubicon I.P.A.," which is the brewery's signature beer, but they were out of it, and no more was going to be brewed.

Photo:  My "Classic Burger," along with my side of potato salad, and a pint of "Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale."  Such a great lunch!

The burger was definitely "old school," as it was cooked on a toasted bun, and the only included condiment was mayonnaise, but several varities of mustard, hot sauce and ketchup were available.  Garnishes indluded picke, red onion and lettuce, with a dill pickle speared by a tooth pick which did double duty, as it held both the dill pickle and the meat patty in place.  There was no tomato, as the restaurant was out of tomatoes, and weren't going to order any more.  

The potato salad was fresh, chilled, and delicious.  It was made from red potatoes, and included small pieces of cut-up potato skin, which I absolutely LOVE in my potato salad.

My lunch was delicious, and I'll really miss this enjoyable brew pub/restaurant.

Photo:  After taking a few bites, I post a cross-section of my moise, juicy, and delicious burger.  Simply delicious!

After today, the Rubicon Brewing Company's hearty bar cuisine will be a memory, and when the tap closes at the end of the month, the restaurant will be padlocked, and will be another Sacramento memory.  Rubicon Brewing Company will be sorely missed by Sacramentons who appreciate good beer, great company, and fine food.

Rubicon Brewing Company
2004 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95811
916 448-7032

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