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Tuesday, August 31, 2021, I met my "foodie" and dining companion, Adrienne at Sabor A Mexico, located in Elk Grove, CA, for an early lunch, shortly after the restaurant opened for the day.  Such an amazing lunch!!!

As with all reviews  I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's shortly after the 11:00 in the morning opening time on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, and we've arrived at Sabor A Mexico to enjoy an early lunch.  Today was a beautiful, spring-like day, as the temperature was in the mid-70's, which made it hard to believe it was the last day of August in the Sacramento Valley.  The day was so lovely that we decided to enjoy our lunch on the patio.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the colorful decor, and as you look to the rear, you'll see the cashier's station, and the draught beer on tap.  As in Mexico, the floor is tiled, and the walls are painted an off-white, and there is lots of wood furniture, some of it showcasing wine and spirits the restaurant offers.  Mexican paintings and artifacts line the walls, and there is a television monitor, tuned to a soccer game.  Mexican music was playing the background to complete the scene.  

The dining room is medium size, and the furniture is all tables of varying sizes.  The dining room is clean, comfortable and very inviting.  We were tempted, but the beautiful late summer day, along with the wonderful patio garnered our attention...

Photo:  The cashier's station, behind the bar, where several varieties of Mexican beer, and domestic beer are on tap. The furniture to the left displays wine and liquor.  A peek into the kitchen can be seen behind the bar, and the television monitor was tuned to a soccer game, in progress.  Note the colorful decor.

Photo:  Since today was a beautiful late Tuesday morning, we decided to sit on the patio, to enjoy the lovely weather.  In my opinion, food always tastes better when enjoyed outside, especially when I'm dining with such charming company.

Immediately after we seated ourselves on the patio, I ordered two Pacifico Mexican beers, and along with our beers, a dish of chips crispy tortilla chips, along with a bowl of in-house made salsa arrived.

I've enjoyed many meals with my friend, and when we visit a Mexican restaurant, I don't need what ask what brand of beer to order!

Photo:  The patio is simply beautiful and is an inviting place to enjoy a fine meal.  It's lighted by a string of lights for outdoor dining during evening hours.  We loved the trees and bushes that formed a green backdrop to this lovely patio, which takes outdoor dining to the "next level."

Photo:  The menu is three pages, and we both ordered from the second page of the menu.  All your bases are covered, as menu certainly is complete, and offers the cuisine of Northern Mexico.  Click on this link to view the full menu, current at this writing.

Photo:  Meet Jose, the friendly owner of the restaurant, and our server, as he brings our "appetizer" plate of "Street Tacos" to us.  Jose welcomed my photo taking, along with my countless questions, and provided us with outstanding service.

Photo:  Adrienne and I had been sipping our beer, and munching on the delicious chips and salsa, when Jose brought out our "Street Tacos," about five minutes after placing our order.  Thanks Jose!

The "Street Tacos" proved amazing to much on, and we're barely started on them when our main orders arrived. Sabor A Mexico provides speedy service!

Photo:  From the "Appetizers" section of the menu, we went with "Street Tacos," which after the chips, salsa and beer, was a great way to get our lunch started.  We love to eat, but it's also fun to take some home for dinner, so the tacos sort of "enhanced" our dinner to take home.

The menu describes the "Street Tacos" as, "Cilantro, onions, green salsa and guacamole sauce."  There are several choices of meat, but we went with carnitas, which is a favorite of both of us.  These are listed under the "Appetizer" section of the menu, but for one person, an order of four would make a satisfying lunch.

Just like the tacos that you enjoy on the streets of every Mexican village, town or city, each taco started out with two DVD-size corn tortillas, lightly fried until "bubbles" appeared in the tortillas.  A large scoop of shredded, juicy carnitas was placed on each taco, and topped with fresh cilantro, diced red onion, guacamole sauce, and a scoop of salsa verde.  One bite into these delicious tacos instantly transported me to "Anywhere Mexico," as these delicious tacos tasted like the countless "street tacos" that I've enjoyed during my many trips to Mexico.  The fresh ingredients, along with the juicy carnitas all worked together to make a delicious taco!

Photo:  Close up of one of the delicious "Street Tacos," showing all of the juicy goodness.  These tacos are amazing!When Adrienne and I dine together, we always order a dish that we can share, as it's fun to share food with a good friend.

Photo:  Jose, the amazingly friendly owner of Sabor A Mexico, brought my lunch to me with a masked smile.  Jose gave us amazing service, and was very friendly and thoughtful.  He runs a wonderful restaurant, and he's a nice guy.

Photo:  Thanks, Jose for taking our photo, as we're ready to enjoy our lunch, after working with chips, salsa, "Street Tacos," along with a couple Pacifico Mexican beers.

Photo:  Adrienne started at the "top" of the "Specialties" portion of the menu, and went with "Chilie Rellenos."  The menu describes this fine entree as, "Two poblano chilies stuffed with cheese, dipped in a light egg batter and topped with our signature red relleno sauce.  Like all of the "Specialty" selections on the menu, her lunch came with rice and beans.

My "foodie" friend loved her rellenos!  I took a little taste, and noted the poblano peppers were sauteed perfectly, stuffed with Mexican cheese, and battered to a light, golden brown.  The rellenos were topped with red sauce which was flavorful, delicious, and just mildly on the spicy side.

Like my lunch, the refried beans were smooth, perfectly cooked, and topped with anjo Mexican cheese.  The rice was delicious, but pretty much what you'd expect from a fine Mexican restaurant.

Adrienne raved about her lunch, and from the small bite I enjoyed, she and I were of like minds, as always, since we're "foodie" friends.

Photo:  From the "Specialties" section of the menu, I went with "Asada," also known simply as "Steak."  The menu describes this authentic Mexican favorite as, "Marinated steak grilled to perfection, accompanied with grilled onion, jalapenos and guacamole."  My lunch differed from the menu slightly, as jalapeno(s) is plural, and I only counted one jalapeno, and I didn't see any guacamole.  Oh well, the amazing chips and salsa made up for the lack of guacamole, and the jalapeno included with my lunch maxed-out the "heat" my taste buds can enjoy.

The steak was thinly cut, marinated in lime juice - I think - and perfectly grilled, complete with grill marks.  I was amazed at the red onion slices that accompanied my lunch, as they were grilled in olive oil and just enough "crunch" to make them delicious, and a perfect companion for the asada.  The beans were creamy smooth, topped with melted anjo Mexican cheese, and made for the perfect side dish.  The rice was your typical Mexican rice, delicious, but not particularly spectacular.  Three warm and moist corn tortillas - you have the choice of corn or flour - wrapped in foil, rounded out my lunch.

Such a delicious lunch!  The asada was so tender that the knife was pure ornamental, as you could cut it with a fork, and every bite was delicious.  The rice and beans made for perfect sides, and the tortillas were amazing to scoop up anything left on the plate.  I loved my lunch!

The name of this fine restaurant, "Sabor A Mexico" translates to "the taste of Mexico," and this amazing restaurant has the "taste" part "nailed," as the food is simply delicious, and authentic to the fine cuisine enjoyed in Northwestern Mexico.  The food is delicious, the dining is delightful, the staff is super friendly, and the beer is cold. Simply stated, Sabor A Mexico, located in Elk Grove, CA, is an amazing restaurant to enjoy a fine meal.

Sabor A Mexico
8868 Bond Rd.
Elk Grove, CA 95624
916 714-0313

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