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We enjoyed Sticky's Big Bone BBQ, at Crawfish and Catfish Festival, 2013, on Garden Highway, in Sacramento, Ca.

Photo: Sharlene orders our "Big Bone BBQ" at the tent that's set up near the Sacramento River, but the action is out in back, as the alligators cook on the grill.

Photo:  Mr. Pitmaster explains to fellow tourists, including me, the "in's and out's" of grilling alligator.  He told us they were serving living that had been cooked for 24 hours prior to today, and the alligator on the grill had been there for 12 hours, and the 'gator, on the spit, had been cooking for six hours.  They fire the open grill with charcoal, and use mesquite wood to add the smoke effect.  Works for me!

Photo:  Two alligator heads and a tail, cooking on the grill.  Mr. Pitmaster explained to me that the tail is the best part, and the heads, cooking on the grill, are just for effect.  The onions add a delicious taste, and are used to clean and season the grill, which reminds me of some of my grilling adventures in Mexico. The alligator is cooked on the grill, similar to a whole hog, but since 'gator meat is much leaner, it's necessary to cover it with aluminum foil until it's almost cooked to perfection.

Photo:  You have three choices on the menu!  I chose a #1, and Sharlene chose a #2.  Pretty simple, but all choices are delicious!

Photo:  As a "foodie," how could I resist having my photo taken with a grilled alligator, and another one on the spit?

Photo:  Sharlene's choice from the posted menu was a #2, a half slab of baby back ribs, along with a couple pieces of Louisiana toast.  The slab included 6 ribs, but since my wife has a light appetite, I devoured two of the ribs, along with the bread.

Photo:  Me, as I pose with my choice of menu, the #1.  More on that in the next photo...


Photo:  My lunch choice, the #1 from the menu, which is described as, "BBQ pulled gator, 1/8 pound. With Creole BBQ sauce."  OK, you get about 3-oz of grilled 'gator, a thick slice of bread, Memphis-style BBQ sauce, a pickle slice, and a small, hot pepper... For $9.50!  That's a lot of money, but the food is priceless, as it's DELICIOUS!  Just in case you're wondering, if you blindfolded me, and told me the grilled 'gator was pork, I'd be a believer, as it tastes like grilled pork.  Whatever... It's delicious!

How often do you get to enjoy alligator in Sacramento, or, California in general?  This was my first taste of alligator, and it won't be my last!  Sticky's Big Bone BBQ was an exotic BBQ experience, and a pleasure to enjoy at the Crawfish and Catfish Festival.

Sticky's Big Bone BBQ
at Rio Ramaza Marina
10000 Garden Highway
Sacramento, CA 95837
916 925-5432

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