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The Elk Grove location of Wonderful Chinese Restaurant is the first of two links in a chain of small restaurants - the other location is in Citrus Heights -  in the greater Sacramento, CA area that, as the name implies, serves "wonderful" Chinese food.  I couldn't have said it better.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past noon on Monday, January 13, 2020, and we've arrived at Wonderful Chinese Restaurant, located in Elk Grove, CA, to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, a little golden statue, and a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign greet you.  We were seated immediately in a booth, near the window, which makes good lighting for photography.

Photo:  The dining room is spacious, very clean, comfortable, and well lit from the many windows.

Photo:  The "Wonderful" lunch menu looked interesting, but we were interested in sharing, so we asked for a dinner menu, which our hostess, Judy, was happy to provide.

Photo:  One page of the dinner menu, which offers "Family Style Dinners."  My friend and I are both "foodies," and when we go out to eat together, we like to share, so the "A" dinner seemed perfect for us, as Adrienne is a great fan of "Won Ton" soup.  I love it too!

Photo:  I found it interesting that in the center of the dining room, near our booth, there was a table loaded with supplies, including lunch menus, place mats, napkins, bowls, plates, boxes along with a pitcher of ice water.

Photo:  Immediately after we were seated, our friendly hostess, Judy, brought out glasses of ice water, and a pitcher of tea.  It's lunch, but we ordered from the dinner menu, the "Family Style Dinner A," and Judy is bringing out our first course, a bowl of "Won Ton" soup.

Photo:  We love beer, so we ordered a bottle each of Tsingtao beer, which Cindy brings to us, shortly after the "Won Ton" soup arrived.

Photo:  Adrienne is a happy diner, as she has two of her favorite things in front of her:  A bottle of Tsingtao beer and a bowl of "Won Ton" soup.

Photo:  The first course of our amazing "dinner at lunch" was a small bowl of "Wonton Soup."  Each bowl included three wonton dumplings, with each dough wrapper filled with delicious chopped pork and onion filling.  The broth was definitely chicken, and made in-house, as it was savory, tasteful, and amazing.  Add a few pieces of cabbage into this savory soup, and this made for an amazing bowl of wonton soup, just the thing to warm our bones on this chilly early Monday afternoon in January.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Cindy, brings out the plate of appetizers for our "Family Style Dinner."  This was a three course meal!

Photo:  Just a couple of minutes after we were served wonton soup, our plate of appetizers arrived, and it was truly a plate of goodies, and combined with the bowl of wonton soup, made an outstanding start to our meal.

The appetizer plate included two deep fried won tons, fried egg rolls, and what the menu describes as "paper wrapped chicken" which were actually wrapped in foil.  A bowl of thick, sweet red dipping sauce was included for our dipping pleasure.

The fried wontons were large, mostly flat, and stuffed with pork, and deep fried to perfection.  Egg rolls were deep fried too, and were "vegetarian," as they were stuffed with chopped cabbage, which made for an interesting addition.  The chicken was the star of the appetizers, as it was marinated in a ginger sauce - if you're a fan of ginger, you'll be in heaven - wrapped in foil, and served with the wontons and egg rolls.  The dipping sauce was thick, sweet, and delightfully red.  We dipped our egg rolls, chicken and bits of fried wonton into the sauce and enjoyed a taste sensation.

Photo:  Our friendly hostess, Cindy, brings out a heaping plate of "Cashew Chicken," which was part of the main course of our elegant lunch.

Photo:  Not more than ten minutes after our plate of appetizers arrived, the main course of our meal arrived, which included Cashew Chicken," "Sweet and Sour Pork," along with "Pork Fried Rice."  "Steamed Rice" was the "base course " of the meal, but we opted for "Pork Fried Rice" for a small extra charge.

How many ways can you say "goodness," translated as 用来表达强烈的感情, into Mandarin Chinese? The description "wonderful" applies to this meal, as the main dishes of "Cashew Chicken," "Sweet and Sour Pork," along with the "Pork Fried Rice" were absolutely amazing!  You could tell the entrees were made from fresh ingredients, and all dishes featured the right balance of meat, fried veggies and sauce.  In the case of the onion, peppers, squash and celery, which accompanied the plates, the veggies were sauteed perfectly, and retained just a little "crunch," which is the mark of a great chef to takes pride in cooking an excellent meal.  The pork had an amazing combination of pineapple and carrot, covered in sweet and sour sauce. Oh yeah!!  The portions were absolutely generous... may I say HUGE? ... and we brought at least half of our lunch home in a box to enjoy for dinner.

Each dish was perfect in every way.  No wonder the name of this amazing restaurant is Wonderful Chinese Restaurant!   The food is wonderful!

Photo:  Our amazing "lunch," as ordered from the "Family Style Dinner" page of the "Dinner" menu.  We've already begun to work on the appetizer plate, and I've already loaded up my plate from the amazing entrees.  Ice water and a pot of Chinese tea are included with every meal.  

Photo:  I ended up helping myself to two plates of delicious food before calling it quits, and bringing my share home in a box.  Here's my first plate, including "Cashew Chicken," "Sweet and Sour Pork," along with a helping of amazing "Pork Fried Rice."  This lunch was delicious and was some of the best Chinese cuisine that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in a long time.

Photo:  Thanks to our hostess Cindy, to snapped the photo of my "foodie" friend Adrienne and I, as we prepare to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Wonderful Chinese Restaurant.

The name Wonderful Chinese Restaurant aptly describes every aspect of this fine restaurant, as the food is fresh, cooked to perfection, you get lots of it, the price is right, the dining room is comfortable, and the staff is super friendly.  Everything is "wonderful" about Wonderful Chinese Restaurant, located in Elk Grove, CA.

Wonderful Chinese Restaurant
9163 E Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95624
916 686-8777

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