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Wendy's Store #9546 is a short, 3-minute walk from work, and they're open until 0200 every morning, so they're a frequent choice when I'm at work, and I don't feel like packing a lunch.

Photo:  It's 1930 in the evening on Friday, April 27, 2012, and it's time to enjoy dinner at Wendy's Store #9546.

Photo:  My friend, co-worker, and frequent dining companion, Teri, places her order, which will be identical to mine.  She and I have nearly the same tastes, so dining together is always an enjoyable experience.

Photo:  The friendly counter gal was a bit surprised when I whipped out my iPhone 4 and snapped her photo.  She asked the usual question, "Why are you taking photos?" with curiosity, and not a shred of malice.  I gave her the usual line about how I "love to take photos of beautiful women," which brought out the usual giggle, but then I told here that I document and photograph many of my dining experiences, including fast food restuarants like Wendy's.  She seemed to approve... I wish I'd recorded her name...

Photo:  It's only fair that I get nailed by the camera as well...

Photo:  Dinner at Wendy's won't break the bank, nor does it have to be a calorie bomb.  My healthful dinner of a side salad, large chili, without cheese, and a small, diet drink.  The total price of dinner was less than $5.00, and the total calorie count was under 400.  I returned the croutons and the Ranch dressing, as that stuff just adds needless calories and masks the flavor of the salad.

Wendy's Store #9546
2646 Watt Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 483-1539

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