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Dave's Dawgs is a small pop-up, family owned and operated restaurant that seems to "pop up" at many events in the greater Sacramento area.  For all hot dog lovers and "foodies" any event where Dave sets up shop is a joyous occasion, as Dave's Dawgs serves some of the best dogs all around.

As with all of reviews  of restaurants that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 09:00 in the morning, Saturday, October 08, 2022, and I'm enjoying the "Lincoln Airport Open House," thanks to the City of Lincoln, CA, and it's time to enjoy a "Bratwurst Dog" at Dave's Dawgs, who had set up their pop-up restaurant to cater to this aviation event.

Photo:  The restaurant began setting up shop at the 07:30 opening time of the event, and was in business and grilling/steaming amazing hot dogs by around 08:30 or so.  As soon as the restaurant opened, a line of hungry hot dog lovers formed... Lincoln "fly-in" attendees have good taste when it comes to fine airport cuisine!  

What could be better than an airport "open house" and quality hot dogs, served by friendly staff?

Photo:  The menu at Dave's Dawgs is simple, and posted on the side of the restaurant.  If you're a lover of anything "hot dog," Dave's has you covered.

Photo:  Two friendly ladies were operating the restaurant today, and even after I explained to them my "mission," they, along with diners seemed a little surprised at my photo taking.  As you can see, the restaurant operates using a trailer, a tent, and everything in the world that's portable and good to set up to cater to events.

Photo:  The pitmaster... of should I say chef?  ... opened the pit and is preparing a dog for a hungry diner.

Photo:  After opening the pit, I asked the chef if I could take photos of the dogs cooking.  All of the dogs on the menu looked simply amazing... how could I decide?  ... I asked her for her recommendation, and she said "Bratwurst Dog," so that's what I went with.  

Photo:  The staff at Dave's Dawgs was a pitmaster, and a hostess, who greeted each customer with a smile, processed orders, and gave correct change.  The gentleman dressing his dog was in line in front of me, and as we were waiting in line, we discussed several things, including our mutual love of hot dogs and airplanes.

Photo:  The friendly pitmaster/chef hands my "Bratwurst Dog" to me with a smile.  Sadly, due to the fact there were many others waiting in line behind me, I didn't get a chance to ask names.  However... this lady is a talented chef and pitmaster.

Photo:  After the chef presented me with my "Bratwurst Dog," the hostess joined for the photo.  Such friendly staff! It is simply a pleasure to dine with staff who treat you like family.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm holding an amazing "Bratwurst Dog," as I enjoy the "Lincoln Airport Open House."

Photo:  My naked, undressed "Bratwurst Dog," ready to deliver to the condiment bar, to enhance the juicy goodness. Thanks to the skill of the pitmaster, condiments were only an "enhancement" as the dog would have simply delicious to enjoy, sans condiments.

Photo:  After receiving my "Bratwurst Dog" from the chef, it was time to head over to the condiment bar... maybe a yard away.  You can dress your dog with dill relish, sauerkraut, pickled jalapeņo pepper slices, mustard or ketchup. The slot for diced onions was empty, which was a slight disappointment, but since this dog was so juicy and amazing, the onions weren't really missed.

Photo:  After agonizing over the menu - all dogs were amazing - I went with "Bratwurst," after asking the pitmaster for her recommendation.  What a dog!  

The quarter pound bratwurst hot dog was perfectly grilled and steamed - Placer County guidelines - thanks to the skill of the chef and pitmaster.  The dog was served on a large, fresh, chewy bun, with just the right bun-to-dog ratio which is crucial to a good hot dog, or bratwurst dog.  

One bite into the bratwurst I was rewarded with a crisp S-N-A-P! ... thanks to the natural casing... and a "rush" of juicy, goodness flavor, that only comes from a perfectly cooked, and perfectly made quality bratwurst.  The flavor of this bratwurst was "absolute superlative" good... Simply said, if you're a "foodie" and you love a delicious, quality bratwurst, Dave's Dawgs should be your restaurant of choice.

I dressed my dog with diced, pickled jalapeņo pepper slices, mustard - naturally - along with dill relish and sauerkraut.  Too bad the condiment bar was out of diced white onion, but my "Bratwurst" was standalone delicious, so dressing was simply an enhancement to the amazing "Bratwurst Dog" I enjoyed on the mid Saturday morning.

One bite into Dave's bratwurst will make a believer out of you that Dave's Dawgs serves an amazing hot dog, of any variety, at any occasion.  Look for Dave's Dawgs at special events over the greater Sacramento area, and enjoy his delicious dogs, served by friendly staff.

Let's go back ten years ago to Wednesday, July 4, 2012, when I enjoyed a "Hebrew Kosher Dog" served by Dave's Dawgs after the 4th of July parade, in Roseville, CA...

Dave's Dawgs doesn't have a brick and morter restaurant, as they're a mobile operation that perfers to take their fine cuisine on the road.  Dave's Dawgs shows up a many occations around the greater Sacramento area... as per this article, as we enjoyed Dave's Dawgs at two very different events in the time frame of less than a week!  Dave's Dawgs produce great dogs, served by friendly people.

Photo:  It's just after 1100 on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, and the City of Roseville's 4th of July parade has finished, and most of the parade spectators have migrated over to Royer Park, where the fun continued, and Dave's Dawgs was there, and serving delicious hot dogs to the multitudes.  The City of Roseville sponsored an afternoon of family fun at the park, and it was totally free, except, of course, for the food and drinks.  The city even blocked off streets and temporarily lifted parking restrictions... Bravo to the City of Roseville.  Well done!

Photo:  Inside the small booth, Dave's crew prepares great dogs.  They sell quarter pound Hebrew dogs, hot links and bratwurst.  Today, I chose the quarter pounder.  As of this writing, July 4, 2012, the price of dogs, your choice, is $4.00.

Photo:  Dave's order gal takes orders from customers, as I snap the photo, up-close and personal.  Dave's menu is posted to the right of the photo, and if you're in the market for a delicious hot dog, you've found the right place. Dave's also sells individual sized bags of various varieties of chips.  Due to the fact that this event was located at Royer Park, a city park, no beer was sold... darn!

Photo:  Mr. Scoutmaster dresses his dog at the condiment bar, which offers mustard, ketchup, pickled jalapeņo pepper slices, diced white onions, sweet relish and sauerkraut.  It's all good on a hot dog, but as an adult, I refrain to dress my dog with catsup, ketchup, or however you spell it, as ketchup on a dog is for kids.  That's my dressed dog, on the table, but I had to put it down in order to photograph Mr. Scoutmaster applying mustard to his dog.

Photo:  I'm not camera shy, and here I am, holding my quarter pound, kosher, Hebrew hot dog.  I'm dressed in my walking gear - I hiked exactly 10.45 miles today - complete with Kenwood TH-D72A ham radio transceiver on my walking belt.

Photo:  My lunch of a quarter pound Hebrew hot dog, in a large, fresh, chewy bun.  I dressed it with mustard, sweet relish, diced onion slices, and picked jalapeņo pepper slices.  I would have applied sauerkraut, as I love it, but there was no vacant real estate... Dave's Dawgs makes great dogs!

Back just a few days to Saturday evening, June 30, 2012 at the Folsom Pro Rodeo, in Folsom, CA, where I enjoyed my first taste of Dave's Dawgs amazing hot dogs.

Photo:  Saturday evening, June 30, 2012, and Dave's Dawgs is cooking great hot dogs, hot links and bratwurst at the Folsom Pro Rodeo, which is one of my favorite rodeo events in California, and a show that I rarely miss.

Photo:  Ms. Cowgirl seems to like my camera, as I wait in line to belly up to the bar for a bratwurst.  Cameras are "officially" banned at the Folsom Rodeo, but I asked around, and most officials seemed confused or nonplussed by somebody - like me - who just wanted to photographed food.  I just whipped out my iPhone 4 for quick photos, and I wasn't challenged or hassled.  So excuse the quality of the photos, but as the great saying goes, "The best camera to take photos is the one that you have with you."  Well said...

Photo:  The rodeo is in full swing, and Dave's Dawgs is serving lots of dogs on this busy Saturday evening.

Photo:  I snap a photo of a cowgirl dressing her dogs, although by the look on her face, she didn't especially appreciate her photo being taken.  If she would have known that I was going to publish her photo on this web site, she probably would have called in a huge bull to run over me, and to destroy my iPhone.

Photo:  Dave's Dawgs' condiment station offers diced jalapeņo pepper slices, diced white onions, sweet relish, mustard and ketchup.  

Photo:  Dave, the owner himself, at work, taking my bratwurst out of the cooker.

Photo:  I pose with my fully dressed bratwurst dog, at the Folsom Pro Rodeo.

Photo:  My bratwurst dog, dressed with yellow mustard, diced white onions, sweet relish and diced jalapeņo pepper slices.  Yes, I know a fan of the Green Bay Packers football team would dismiss my choice of condiments on the bratwurst as "un-patriotic," but... I'm in California, not Wisconsin...  Despite regional differences, this was a great bratwurst dog, and a delicious way to enjoy dinner at one of my favorite west coast rodeos.

Dave's Dawgs specializes in catering to practically any special event in the greater Sacramento area, so if you're looking for a great hot dog, look no further than Dave's...

Dave's Dawgs
465 Homestead Ct.
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 532-3647

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