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Every year, during the second weekend of August, California Four Wheel Drive Association holds their annual Sierra Trek event, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains northwest of Truckee, CA.  The event features four days of awesome four wheeing, great food, games, entertainment, live music, and ... a bar, the Old Goats Saloon.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the venue reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Friday afternoon, August 13, 2021, and Old Goats Saloon is open for business, and serving fine beer, wine, shots and mixed drinks on "Main Street," at Cal4wheel's 54th annual Sierra Trek.  Sierra Trek is CA4WDC's largest event of the year, and attracts four wheelers from all over the country, who want to enjoy the highly technical Fordyce Creek trail.  

There are others, like me, who also like to stay in camp and enjoy a "cold one" or two... or six... or eight.

Photo:  On this early Friday afternoon, the saloon is fully staffed with volunteers for the event. All staff at Sierra Trek are volunteers - nobody is paid - and this amazing four wheel drive event helps to keep our trails open, and to thwart the doings of socialist "tree huggers" such as the Sierra Club.

Photo:  The "Bar List" for this event, the 54th Annual Sierra Trek, is posted at the bar, next to the bowl of "Chex Party Mix."  Note the prices are VERY reasonable - less than what you'd pay in a restaurant in town - especially considering Sierra Trek is a fundraising event AND base camp is located 10 miles down a dirt road, and well over an hour away from the nearest town, Truckee, CA.

Photo:  The white board behind the bar also lists the prices, along with any changes or specials.

Photo:  Becky pours a my $2.00 "well drink shot" as Shelly looks on.  These gals were amazingly friendly, and when they weren't busy, were happy to chit-chat about four wheeling, beer, and just about anything you cared to talk about.

Note the bowl of "Red Vines" along with "Chex Party Mix," which were free to munch on as the friendly volunteer staff grabbed your beer, or mixed your drink.

In addition to the saloon, the Sierra Trek event offered a restaurant, which served delicious meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday breakfast.  To enjoy the restaurant, you needed to pre-pay when you registered for the event.  In case you were riding with a buddy to enjoy the fine cuisine of Sierra Trek Restaurant, all you had to do was pay for your meals, and let your buddy pay for the trail.

Photo:  Bowl of "Chex Party Mix," at the bar, which made for great munching as I was waiting for my beer, and while I was chatting with Becky and Shelly.  On the other hand, it's a tad challending to make conversation when you have a mouthful of party mix!

Photo:  From the icebox at the rear of the bar, Becky grabbed an ice-cold Pacifico beer - my favorite beer - as Shelly pours me a $2.00 shot of Jack Daniels whisky.  Such goodness high in the Sierra Nevada mountains at one of the most amazing four wheel drive events that California has to offer.

Photo:  Becky grabbed an ice-cold Pacifico beer, and poured me a "well drink" shot of whisky, which happened to be Jack Daniels.  Mmmmmmm... GOOD! Total cost of all of this goodness?  ...$6.00 in "Trek Bucks" from the "Summit City Bank" next door. The money raised from booze goes to a good cause, as it helps California Four Wheel Drive Association keep our trails open.

Photo:  In order to patronize Old Goats Saloon, you need to go to registration, show them your ID., and for your trouble, you'll be rewarded with an "Over 21" wristband, allows you to legally purchase drinks.  Cal4Wheel is serious about the legal drinking age, and adhering to all state laws, including drinking while operating a motor vehicle, even on private property.  No worries on my part, as 21 was over 40 years in my rear view mirror, and I NEVER four wheel after enjoying a beer.

Next to the saloon is the "Bank of Summit City," where you exchange your greenbacks for "Trek Bucks" which look like the bucks could be used in the game of "Monopoly."  Now you're ready to enjoy the fine wares served at Old Goats Saloon!

Photo:  I raise my Pacifico beer, and toast Sierra Trek, 2021, along with Cal4Wheel, and to those who conquered the gnarly Fordyce Creek trail.

Photo:  Meet my favorite Sierra Trek bartenders, Becky, holding the Pacifico beer, with Shelly holding the shot.  These ladies, along with all Sierra Trek staff are volunteers, and are doing what they love to do.  These gals were super friendly and treated me like family!  What could be better than to tend bar at the premiere four wheel drive event of the year?

Photo:  Thanks, Becky, as she snapped my photo as I toast the event on my second round... or was it my sixth? ... round of beer and a shot.

Photo:  After a hard day of repairing his Jeep, which broke a lower ball joint at the bottom of Winch Hill #5, my friends Robert and Jeff join me for a beer at Old Goats Saloon.

Such an amazing four days enjoying all that 54th Annual Sierra Trek had to offer!  Click on THIS LINK to read my article about our day of four wheeling at Winch Hill #4, and all of the fun we enjoyed at base camp including the fine concert from local band Diva Rox..

After a hard day on the Fordyce Creek trail, or just hanging around base camp, there's nothing like an ice-cold beer, along with a shot of whisky to shake off the dust, and Old Goats Saloon is in base camp, at the end of the trail, ready to enjoy.  Cold beer, great shots, along with reasonable prices, served by friendly volunteers make Old Goats Saloon an oasis, at the end of the trail...

Old Goats Saloon
CA4WDC Sierra Trek Event
Meadow Lake, CA

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