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How about smoking a small turkey, potatoes and cabbage... along with three pounds of honeycomb tripe, for future batches of menudo?  It happened at our place on Thursday, January 04, 2024,

Photo:  it's 9 o'clock in the morning, Thursday, January 04, 2024, and I've fired up the smoker.  I got it started using charcoal, but since I was smoking turkey today, I used apple wood to enhance the flavor.

Oh yeah... oak wood grows naturally in Placer County, and oak wood is similar to hickory when it comes to smokin' taste, but since today was special, and I was smoking a small, 12-pound turkey, I decided to splurge and spend $10.00 to purchase a bag of apple wood.

Photo:  Three pounds of honeycomb trip were smoked for future batches of menudo.  As long as I had the smoker smokin' I figured I could simply smoke as much meat as possible.

Photo:  Six hours of smoking over charcoal and apple wood makes for great food.

Photo:  Potatoes and cabbage, smoked over charcoal and apple wood.  The potatoes were simple, as I just cleaned them, poked them a bit and roasted them.  For the cabbage, I cut out the core and stuffed the inside with butter and garlic.

Photo:  Shortly after Thanksgiving, I purchased a small, 12-pound turkey for $.39 per pound, which was a bargain!  I stuffed it with corn bread stuffing, jalapeno pepper, corn tortillas and bacon... all made from scratch... naturally.

Photo:  I'm happy at the smoker, as I show off my smoked turkey, potatoes and cabbage, after six hours on the smoker.

Photo:  One small turkey leg is all it gets!  What more can you expect from a small, 12-pound turkey?  

Photo:  Smoked turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cabbage and gravy.  What more could you desire for a Thursday night dinner on January 04, 2024?

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