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Italian sausage, grilled indoors on our George Foreman  electriric grill, along with grilled potatoes that resemble, and taste like fries, yet are quite healthy,  Yes, tonight's dinner was delicious, and, except for the fat in the sausage, it was healthy...

Photo:  Italian sausage, purchased fresh from Lockeford Meat Company, which produces some of the best the best sausage I've ever enjoyed, cooking with one red potato, and onion and pepper.  On this Saturday evening, I was lazy, so I cooked dinner tonight, inside, using our electric George Foreman grill.  Due to the relatively cooking time for the already cooked sausage, the thinly sliced potato, the electric grill produces an excellent presentation, including attractive grill marks.

Photo:  Here's the meal, where the rubber meets the road:  Grilled Italian sausage, on a large bun, stuffed with grilled, sliced pepper and onion.  The potato wedgies are grilled, complete with attractive grill marks, and appear to be fried, but they not fried, as they're grilled, and they're healthy.  I use catsup for dipping, but I ramp it up a notch by adding sauce that I've purchased in Mexico, during many of my Mexican trips.  This was a good dinner!

The meal was prepared in mere minutes, and as you can see, it was delicious, as it even sported attractive grill marks.  Easy, quick meal, prepared indoors on this Saturday evening, March 15, 2014.

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