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Presidents Day weekend holiday, 2024 brought much needed rain to western Placer County and snow to the Sierra Nevada mountains, making it for catch-up for the relitively dry December of last year that we had.  During the past 24 hours, we enjoyed around 2-3/4" of rain, which brought interestering conditions to our local creeks.

Photo:  Monday, February 19, 2024... during the last 24 hours, we received about 2-3/4" of much-needed rain, to bring our yearly rainfall up to average.  Snow in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains was also beneficial.

Photo:  As I began my hike at 07:30 in the morning, I was treated to a beautiful rainbow.

Photo:  South Branch of Pleasant Grove Creek is normally a trickle, and dries up during the summer and fall, but not today.

Photo:  The bike path under Parkside Way is not an option, as Pleasant Grove Creek has taken over, thanks to the nearly 3" of rain during the last 24 hours.

Photo:  Bridge over South Branch Pleasant Grove Creek is interesting, thanks to the high water.

Photo:  It's a little past 08:00 in the morning, and the high water has crested, as shown by the normally dry area. The creek is still flowing like the Sacramento River!!

Photo:  South Branch Pleasant Grove Creek is normally a trickle, but not on this Monday in mid February, 2024, after a day of plentiful rainfall.

Photo:  When you jog along the bike/jog path that parallels the creek, today, it was likely that you'd get your feet wet, thanks to flooding.

Photo:  Pleasant Grove Creek, and South Branch Pleasant Grove Creek meet here, but you wouldn't know it, as it looks like a muddy lake.

Photo:  Debris and more at South Branch Pleasant Grove Creek clog the bridge, at Adam Bassera Park, in Roseville, CA.

Photo:  One of many downed oak trees on the bike path, Blue Oaks Park, in Roseville.  Looks like I'll be harvesting lots of oak wood for future barbecue and smoking sessions.

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