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Durning the past seven decades of my life, I've grilled many burgers of all kinds... cheeseburgers, hamburgers, bacon burgers, turkey burgers... you name it.  However today, Friday, September 22, 2023, I think I finally "nailed" the best burger that I've ever had the pleasure to grill... and it turned out to be a Minnesota favorite... a "juicy lucy" burger...

Photo: Tonight's dinner started out with making "Texas Redeye BBQ Sauce" by sauteing onion, jalapeno peppers and garlic.

Photo:  After the veggies were sauteed, it was time to add the main ingredients, bring it to a boil, and simmer it for a half hour or so.  When everything cooled, it was time to whirl it in the blender to make some of the greatest barbecue sauce that you can imagine, just like you'd find at any honky tonk BBQ restaurant deep in the heart of Texas.

Click on THIS LINK for my recipe of "Texas Redeye BBQ Sauce..."

Photo:  After the barbecue sauce was cooling, it was time to assemble the veggies, the corn, and... most importantly... the pickled jalapeno pepper slices.

Alright... I had a pound of hamburger - 80% - and I cut it into six equal pieces, and shaped each piece into a ball, each one turned out to be the size of a golf ball.  Between sheets of wax paper, I squeezed them into six patties.  I added seasoning and shredded Mexican cheese to three of the patties, then I took the others and pressed them together to make a 1/3 pound patty of 80% ground beer, which is the perfect size for grilling.  In the style of Minnesota, these will be "juicy lucys," but with a definite California twist... diced, pickled jalapeno peppers.

Photo:  Pickled,diced jalapeno pepper slices, fresh white corn, sliced Russet potato, along with American cheese are ready for the grill.  Naturally, the potato is seasoned with coarse black pepper.

Photo:  The "juicy lucy" hamburger is on the griddle, along with bacon, potato and corn.  I used a cast iron griddle on my grill, as that made for the perfect burger grilling platform.  It also allowed my to use my burger hat, which is the perfect thing to seal in the taste of the burger. The meat has been coated with the barbecue sauce I made earlier in the day.

Photo:  Three "juicy lucy" bugger patties, all topped with a slice of American processed cheese, and two of them with diced, pickled jalapeno slices on the grill.  

Photo:  Grilled burger patties, topped with melted American cheese and diced, pickled jalapeno pepper slices are ready to be taken off the griddle.  I grilled the bacon separately, but topped the burger with slices of bacon.

Photo:  I lift my burger dome and smile, as I know that I have a great juicy lucy cheeseburger on the way.  The "juicy lucy" burger originated in Minneapolis and is essentially a stuffed cheeseburger.  I took it to the next level by not only stuffing it with cheese but by adding melted cheese on top, along with the pickled jalapeno pepper slices.  I even enhanced that by adding bacon.  Yowza!!!

Photo:  My "juicy lucy" cheeseburger is open face, complete with a topping of grilled bacon.  The lettuce, onion and tomato are chilled, while the bun, burger and meat are hot, which makes for an outstanding burger.  Corn and potato are on the side.  

I've made many burgers in my life, but tonight, I "nailed" this one, as I think this is most likely the best burger that I've ever made.

Photo:  My cheeseburger is assembled and ready to enjoy.  I toasted the bun with butter, but for condiments, I simply added mustard and mayonnaise.  It worked out to make a delicious dinner.  Goodbye summer... hello fall.

Life doesn't get any better than a great cheeseburger, grilled potato and corn.  I tip my cowboy hat to the last day of summer, 2023.  Hello fall...

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