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Tonight, we enjoyed a "pig-out" crab feet with our friends, Shelley and Wes, at the 2015 Gold Country Chaplaincy Crab Feed.  All-you-can-eat salad, soup and crab.  There is nothing better...

Photo:  Saturday evening, January 24, 2015 at 1800, as we prepare to enjoy the 2015 Gold Country Chaplain Crab Feed.  We purchased our tickets on-line in advance, and paid via PayPal.  We requested to sit at our friend, Shelley Halls table.  

Photo:  Quite a nice flyer!  This was the advertisement posted on Gold Country Chaplains web site.  You can see the web address on the flyer, or click on the link to them at the end of this article.

Photo:  The crab feed is staffed by volunteers, and all proceeds go to a worthy cause.  The ambiance is Roseville's Veterans Hall, and you are served, and you eat "family style," which adds to the fun.  Our friend, Shelley Hall, reserved a table for about twenty of us, so we all sat together, enjoyed fine company, and "pigged-out" together. Talk about a fun evening!  Naturally, the hall is decorated with military memorabilia, in tribute to all of our veterans of the armed forces.

Photo:  The first course was a green salad, with some variety of Italian dressing that was simply fantastic!  The salad was simple and basic, but it was made of fresh vegetables and was simply delicious.

Photo:  The second course was all-you-could-eat minestrone soup.  The serving staff consisted of volunteers, all of the staff were teenagers, but every one of them, including the gentleman in the photo, serving the soup, were attentive, courteous, and eager to please.  I commented several times to my dining companions that Roseville restaurants should recruit their serving staff from the ranks of these folks, as they were more attentive, more courteous and paid more attention to detail than most "professional" restaurant servers do. The soup was served family style, and it was delicious, and all-you-can-eat.  I enjoyed three bowls of this delicious soup.

Photo:  A bowl of some of the best minestrone soup on the planet.  It even included chunks of Italian sausage.  I enjoyed three bowls of this delicious soup.

Photo:  Third course and the main attraction:  Crab.  Delicious, and all-you-can-eat, served by friendly and attentive staff, who are all volunteers.  Yes, the staff does not get paid, but they are cheerful, attentive, and they treat you better than most paid "professionals."  As an aside, the paper bags contained sliced bread, perfect to dip into your melted butter, to eat with your salad, soup or crab.  Cocktail sauce was provided in unlimited quantities; actually all food was all-you-can-eat, and unlimited!  My kind of Saturday evening...

Photo:  Kentucky fried crab?  I have no idea why the staff used KFC buckets to bring the crab to the table, but that's the way is was, and I really didn't care, as I was concentrating on the crab, and not the packaging.  Note the bucket is piled high.  Each bucket of crab was brought out for about four people, when we finished one container, another one was brought out by the eager-to-please staff.  Then, another... another...  We had a paper plate in the middle of the table where we put the shells, and about every five minutes, a staff member came along to empty our plate.  Our little group consisted of four, sometimes six, and I "think" we went through about eight KFC buckets of crab. We enjoy crab!

Photo:  Look at this crab!!!  Gold Country Chaplains served some of the best crab that I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy!  Everything about the crab was absolutely perfect, including the slightly "saltwater" taste enjoyed with some morsels.  We brought our own crab crackers, picks, and butter warmers, and simply "pigged out" on some of the best crab know to man!

Photo:  Our table of friends enjoying crab.  Since I'm taking the photo, my place, to the right of the photo, is vacant, but I promise you that I was enjoying great food, and eating to my heart's content!  As were enjoying dinner, we were treated to auctions for various prizes and a raffle, which made the evening even more interesting.  The gentleman in the upper right corner of the photo is leading the raffle, and doubled as the auctioneer.  I picked the Queen of Spades for my chance to win a iPad in the raffle, but due to my skill and luck in the card game of "Hearts," the Queen of Spades, a.k.a., "Slippery Ann," proved to be a fickle partner.  Sharlene chose the Jack of Spades, and her luck was no better than mine.

Photo:  I was very modest, as, despite the all-you-can-eat policy at tonight's crab feed, I only placed a few legs on my plate at a time, as it takes a lot of work to extract the delicious meat from the extremities of a crab. But the effort is worth is, as the reward is simple:  Great meat, that's actually healthy for you!  No worries, as when our bucket ran empty, it was quickly replaced with another full bucket of KFC crab.

Photo:  Sharlene and I pose with full plates of crab, as we enjoy this wonderful crab feed on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

For nearly three hours, enjoyed great food, great company, along with a fun, and entertaining auction and raffle. The evening was as fun as it gets, and not only did we enjoy great food and great company, but we helped to support a very worthy cause, as Gold Country Chaplaincy provides many essential services to those in need in not only Roseville, but al of Placer County. Oh yes, we didn't leave hungry!

2015 Gold Country Chaplaincy Crab Feed
Roseville Veterans Hall
110 Park Drive
Roseville, CA 95678
916 259-1001

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