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We use this red, tomato-based sauce to stuff our pork tamales, but if you don't want to make tamales, this sauce can be used for just about any enchilada, including seafood, pork, and poultry enchiladas.  This sauce could also be used as a topping for any beef, pork, goat, seafood, or chicken dish.  

Special tool:  Blender, cast iron skillet
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes
Cooking time:  About 10 minutes
Yield:  2 cups, which is about enough for 18 tamales or enchiladas...

1 lb firm, Roma tomatoes, quartered
6 dried pasilla peppers, seeded and stemmed
2 fresh Anaheim chilie peppers, diced, substitute 4 jalapeno peppers
2 onions, any variety, skinned and quartered
8 cloves garlic, quartered
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or more to taste
2 cups chicken or turkey stock, preferably homemade

Seed, stem and dice dried pasilla peppers.  Place diced peppers into 1-cup chicken broth and heat in microwave oven for 2 minutes over high heat.  Set aside.

Meanwhile, place tomatoes in ungreased cast iron frying pan, cooking over high heat.  Cook, turning frequently, until skin starts to blister; about 4 minutes.  Add Anaheim chili, onion and garlic.  Cook until charred; about an additional 4 minutes.  Remove.  Set aside and cool.

Add remaining ingredients into blender.  Add cooked tomato mix.  Whirl in blender to achieve desired consistency.  Use as sauce for tamales or topping for meat, potato or cooked vegetable dishes.

Some like it hot:  If you taste buds can stand it, you can add more dried peppers, and you can feel free to substitute Anaheim or New Mexico dried chilis for the pasillas.  For a smoky flavor, I like to add smoked chipotle peppers, which are hard to find in the U.S., but can be readily purchased in Mexico.  Or, if you can't take the heat, or a trip to Mexico isn't feasible, add a bit of mesquite flavor liquid smoke.  Anyway you do it, this sauce will be great!


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