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Most folks north of the border think of salsa as the runny red stuff, with lots of seeds and little pepper flakes that they pour out of a bottle and dip their chips into.  Salsa is so much more in Mexico, as its used to accompany practically every meal and comes in a rainbow of varieties and colors.  The next time you're inclined to pour that New York City-made bottled stuff on to your meal, throw away the bottle and try one of our delicious, authentic, homemade Mexican salsa recipes.  You'll throw away the bottle forever...

Salsa de Buche:  During a visit to Tijuana, I had to opportunity to eat at Kentucky Fried Buches, and sample some of their delicious salsa.  I asked a few questions, took a few notes, and here's a copycat of their salsa.

Salsa Cruda:  Also known as Pico de Gallo, this is everybody's favorite salsa.  Whenever I'm invited to a get-together, I'm always requested to bring a batch of this salsa.

Guacamole:  A Superbowl and couch potato favorite, here's my recipe for guacamole.

Guacamole con Tomatillos:  Adding a few tomatillos to basic guacamole recipe gives it a whole new attitude and takes it to a much higher level.

Ranchero Sauce:  This cooked salsa makes a healthy topping for almost anything, including meat, vegetables, eggs, potatoes; you name it...

Sonora Style Ranchero Sauce:  This recipe is similar to plain Ranchero Sauce, but it adds chipotle peppers and a few other ingredients to give it a very smoky taste.  Popular on cattle ranches in Northern Mexico.

Smoky Salsa Roja:  If you like a smoky taste to your cooked salsa, this recipe is for you.  This smoky, chunky salsa is good on practically anything, and makes for healthy eating as well.

Salsa Roja:  We use this sauce in our pork tamales, but its so versitile that it can be changed, and can be used to top almost any dish.

Salsa Verde:  We use this tomatillo salsa in our chicken tamales and pork enchiladas, but its more versitile than that.  I talked a street vendor in Mexicali into giving me this recipe, and its authentic!

Smoky Salsa Verde:  Cut up some oak wood, fire up your smoker, and make some of the best salsa verde you'll ever have the pleasure to enjoy.


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