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Tacos de tripa are a quick, easy and delicious meal for either a snack, or a main dish.  We prefer to use the small intestines, commonly found in Mexico, which are true "tripas," as but since tripas are very hard to find in the U.S., honeycomb tripe can be substituted, as long as its cut up into small sections.  You can fry the tripas on a griddle, or a comal, or better yet, in the authentic Mexican style, grill it on a mesquite-fired grill, outside, of course...

Special tools:  Cast iron skillet, comal, or grill, any variety
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes
Cooking time:  About 10 minutes
Yeild:  2 servings

6 oz  tripe, cut into small squares about 3/8" square; size not critical
4 corn tortillas, CD-sized
Tomatoes, cilantro, cabbage, onions, line slices, radishes, guacamole, etc. for garnish
Cooking oil as needed

Heat oil in cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.  There should be enough oil to cover tripe.  Place cut-up tripe in pan and fry until golden brown and rather crispy, about 10 minutes, stirring as needed.  

If you prefer to grill your tripa, heat your grill to high heat.  Place tripas on grill and grill until golden brown. Remove from grill, dice, and serve immediately, while tripas are still hot.

Photo:  Here's a delicious, made-at-home taco de tripa, featuring a lots of healthy garnishes.

Heat ungreased comal on burner at medium-high heat.  Place 1 tortilla on comal, heat until slightly blistered, about 20 seconds and turn over.  Heat other side until slightly blistered, about 10 seconds.

Place tripe on tortillas, add garnishes and serve immediately.

In case you're interested, tripas are the small intestines of cattle, and honeycomb tripe is the stomach lining from the second stomach of beef cattle.  Tripe is readily avalible in the U.S., but tripas are a hit-and-miss affair at best. If you can find them, tripas are my meat of choice for this recipe.


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