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If you've been following the adventures of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, you'll recall that we love restaurants that reflect the taste of the locals, are owned and operated by local folks, serve delicious food at fair prices, and offer a family-friendly dining experience.  Carol's Restaurant, located across the river from Sacramento in the City of West Sacramento is our kind of restaurant, AND they're open only for breakfast and lunch.  We'd never had the opportunity to hold a meeting at Carol's, but on Friday, May 29, 2009, the club convened at Carol's Restaurant for our bi-monthly meeting.

Photo:  At the time of this writing, you had to pardon the construction mess, as West Capitol Ave. was undergoing a beautification project, but that doesn't detour the locals from enjoying delicious food at Carol's Restaurant.

If you're looking for white linen tablecloths, fine china, or crystal chandeliers, you'll need to look elsewhere, as there is nothing fancy about Carol's, either in the decor, or the menu.  But if you're looking for family-friendly dining, great food, friendly service and inexpensive prices, Carol's will be your kind of restaurant.  Their menu features a great selection of breakfast and lunch offerings, that reflect the taste of the locals, and at the time of this writing, NOTHING on the menu was priced over $9.95!  How's that for value?

Photo:  Carol's dining room, and the breakfast counter to the right of the photo.  Our group is at a table near the center of the photo.  Note the San Francisco Giants baseball team pennants on the wall.

The decor of the dining room is rather plain, and could best be described as comfortable and functional.  The walls and partitions are painted either a light vermilion or harvest gold, the floor is a gray, restaurant-style carpet, and the ceiling is composed of ceiling tiles.  Decorations are mostly sports pennants from the Sacramento River Cats minor league baseball team, it's parent team, and the two Bay Area professional football teams.  Furniture consists of a combination of tables and booths with nothing fancy, but it is very functional and comfortable.  

Photo:  Dan and Bev's food is delivered to our table.  Today's club members, from left to right, Brian Gardiner, Matt Donnelly, Mark McIntire, Dan MacLeod, our waiter, Bev MacLeod, and David DeMario.  Member Eric Rench is taking the photo...

The breakfast menu features a vast array of choices, including all the common breakfast classics, and regional favorites, such as a Mexicali omelet, chorizo and eggs, linguica and eggs, and too many others to mention.  The service is fast and friendly, and our coffee cups were always kept full of delicious coffee.  The food?  It's delicious, there's plenty of it, and the price is right.  

Photo:  My delicious breakfast of linguica, eggs, home style potatoes and a fresh biscuit.  Note the attractive grill marks on the linguica, and the perfectly cooked eggs over easy.  Yummy!

At the time of this writing, Capitol Avenue was undergoing a beautification project, so to get to Carol's Restaurant, you have to dodge construction equipment and negotiate a couple of semi-tricky detours.  Due to the construction, the restaurant's sign has been removed, but since Carol's is a restaurant, the building looks like a restaurant, so its not hard to locate, even for first-timers.  Due to the construction street parking is non-existent, but there is ample parking in the lot behind the building.

Photo:  We looked out the front window and saw this young lady attempting to flag down passing cars on Capitol Ave.  She appeared to target only gentlemen... was she an ambassador, promoting the Chamber of Commerce for the City of West Sacramento?

Carol's Restaurant offers delicious food, comfortable dining, great coffee, good service, and low prices... and it's the kind of restaurant favored by the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  

Carol's Restaurant
1201 W. Capitol Av.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
916 372-4631

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