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Yesterday, at our bi-monthly meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, we enjoyed an outstanding meeting at Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar.  We had quite a conversation with Shannen Park, the owner of the restaurant, who invited us to attend a pre-Super Bowl breakfast the next day, as at 0900, the local television news/magazine show, Good Day Sacramento would be covering the party, and Shannen said she'd introduce them to us, and promote our mission in life:  To enjoy superior breakfasts in the greater Sacramento area.  How could we refuse such an invitation?

Photo:  Saturday, February 2, 2013, at Rivers Edge Caf... we were here yesterday for the regular meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, but today was a special, Super Bowl XLVll meeting!

Photo:  Rivers Edge Caf owner, Shannen Park, displays the special "Super Bowl Combo Breakfast," which decorates the breakfast to please Ravens and 49'ers fans.  Rivers Edge Caf had provided a line-up of their special dishes for Superbowl weekend, as the crew from Good Day Sacramento intended to video the party on live television.  Note the 49'ers logo painted on her face, which shows the loyalty of the NorCal city of Sacramento to the 49'ers!

Photo:  I received this message from Rivers Edge Caf via Twitter on my iPhone:  "Join Rivers Edge Caf LIVE on Good Day Sacramento for our Pre-Game Super Bowl Breakfast this Saturday & Sunday morning! We will be featuring our NEW Super Bowl Combo: Belgian waffle topped with ninerberries (strawberries), ravenberries (blueberries), whip cream & powdered sugar, served with bacon wrapped sausage and 2 eggs. Remember to wear your favorite team attire!"  Photo of the "Super Bowl Combo," which was only available today, and tomorrow... Sunday, the day when Superbowl XLVll will happen.  Go 49'ers!!!

Photo:  As soon as the Good Day Sacramento crew arrived, the restaurant filled up.  So much for local television coverage of a superior restaurant!!!  Rivers Edge Caf is decorated for Super Bowl XLVll, and Good Day Sacramento can be seen on the monitor, located on the wall, at the top, right center of the photo, where news anchor Amy Carraba is running the show.  Our table is to extreme right of the photo, where we're getting our coffee refilled.  If you love coffee, Rivers Edge Caf is the place to be, as the coffee is great, it's strong, and your cup never runs below half full.

Photo:  Call me a dirty old man, a flirt, or whatever... just don't call me late for breakfast!  I love my photo taken with beautiful women, and there is no woman more beautiful in Sacramento than reporter Melissa Cabral, from Good Day Sacramento!   Thanks, Mel, you made breakfast, and today's special meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, a lot of fun!!!

Photo:  You know, there's always a maverick in every crowd, and this photo shows a gentleman, in the center of the photo, blindfolded, who was a self-professed Saint Louis Rams football fan.  What?  In Sacramento?  Yess... So the crew of Good Day Sacramento had the perfect way to treat this outsider:  Blindfold him, and serve him a piece of the "Super Bowl Combo" breakfast.  Melissa cuts a "red" piece from the waffle, and a "blue" piece.  Red = 49'ers, and blue = Ravens... The idea was to feed the guy a piece from each camp, as he was blindfolded, on live tv, and whatever piece he said was the best, would represent the team to prevail in Super Bowl XLVll.  Long story short, he picked the "blue" piece, which predicted that the Baltimore Ravens will win Super Bowl XLVll.  He's a Saint Louis Rams fan, so that explains things... We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Photo:  Good Day Sacramento reporter, Melissa Cabral, interviews Shannen Park, as I sample the "Heart Attack Burger," as Sharlene looks on with great interest.  This is a shot, taken by my buddy Dan MacLeod, as this whole thing was being broadcast on live television.  Shannen introduced me to Melissa as a "foodie" and prior to this photo, and she recommended me as a taste tester of the "Heart Attack Burger."  Like any good "foodie," a arose to the occasion...

Photo:  Melissa asked me, on live television, "Is it good?"  I couldn't answer, as my mouth was full, so, in keeping with the name of the burger, she asked me if I was having a heart attack on camera.  Laugh out loud!!!  Sharlene likes it, as she strikes a classic, "Chessure cat" grin.  I was speechless, as the burger was... superior?  delicious?  fantastic?  ... on live television, with my mouth full...  Damn, if I actually had a heart attack, what a way to have it... on live television, and surrounded by beautiful women!

Photo:  This is a "Heart Attack Burger," which is a calorie bomb, and a heart attack waiting to happen.  What is this burger?  A pound of hamburger, served on a massive bun.  Hamburger... and ... grilled Spam .... and  a fried egg, on top of the burger patty?  Garnished with lots of good stuff, served with jalapeno pepper slices, with a mound of fries, covered with grilled Cheddar cheese.   Simply, decedent!  Good Day Sacramento anchor Ken Rudolph commented that I was "a man" to take such a huge bite of the gigantic burger.  Well, Melissa may have diagnosed me as having a heart attack, but the gigantic bite I took out of the huge burger left me speechless... I couldn't speak with a mouth full of burger!  Oh, my drink of choice was a Bloody Mary, which is the perfect way to start the morning before Super Bowl XLVll.

Photo:  The staff at Rivers Edge Caf, roots for the San Francisco 49'ers to prevail in tomorrow's big game! Note the fists and the "We will send the Ravens back to Baltimore" attitude exhibited by the friendly staff.  Melissa Cabral, Good Day Sacramento reporter, is to the left of the photo, and the owner of Rivers Edge Caf, Shannen Park, is dressed in hot pink, in the center of the photo.

Photo:  After the fact, friendly waiter, Mike, delivers our breakfast.  We had the pleasure of Mike's company during yesterday's meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Photo:  Since the 49'ers were playing in the Super Bowl, and the Sacramento area has been on a party binge for a week, in celebration of the 'Niners, Dan and I were riding the same crazy roller coaster.  So in keeping with the prevailing spirit, he and I ordered identical breakfasts:  "The Hangover."  It's helpful to cure hangovers, just like menudo, as if you are suffering from a hangover, this breakfast will whisk away your problems.  Check it out... biscuits and gravy... Sausage gravy with HUGE chunks of sausage.  Geezzzzzz... this gravy is good.  Then, Rivers Edge Caf's signature dish:  Stuffed hash brown potatoes, which are perfectly cooked hash brown potatoes, stuffed with bacon, cheese and sour cream.  Oh baby, this breakfast rocks the breakfast planet!  Bev and Sharlene enjoyed other, shall we say?  ... less filling... choices.

Photo:  Today's members of the special meeting of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, from left to right, Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Bev MacLeod, and Dan MacLeod.  We love to have fun, and we enjoy a great breakfast!

I can't remember when I've had this much fun, but the last event that compares to today's breakfast meeting would be last September, when I spent a crazy couple of hours at Heart Attack Grill, in fabulous Las Vegas. Today, at Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar, the food was, as always outstanding, the staff was super great, and the crew at Good Day Sacramento made the party complete!

Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar
8740 La Rivera Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95826
916 362-2221
www. riversedgecafeonline.com

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