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Bert's Diner, located in Elk Grove, serves mostly American "comfort food," with a smattering of Mexican offerings on their extensive menu.  The menu posts a rather interesting slogan, which reads, "Nothing could be finer than a meal from Bert's Diner."  With a statement like that, I just HAD to sample their cusine...

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Whether you're looking at Bert's Diner from the outside, or from the inside, the diner is pure nostalgia.  You almost expect to see a '57 Chevy, or a vintage Ford "Woodie Wagon" parked in front of the restaurant.  

Photo:  As you walk in the restaurant, you're greeted with the daily and weekly special, written in chalk on a "low-tech" blackboard.  If you love Gunther's Ice Cream products, you've come to the right place.  Note the neon clock above the staff member, and the window to the kitchen, complete with order wheel, in the center pf the photo.

Photo:  It's about 12:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, and we're sitting in a mostly empty dining room.  Note the vintage floor tile, the chrome counter, and the stools.  Bert's Diner isn't actually a diner from the 1950's, as it' a modern restaurant decorated in a retro theme.

Photo:  Every table features a jukebox remote, and you can play your favorite nostalgic tunes for only a quarter each!  Here are a sample of some of the music choices, "Alley Oop," "Blue Moon," Duke of Earl," "He's a Rebel," and many other 1950's and early 1960's classic Top-40 hits.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Nicole, arrives with our order, as she shows her skill, as she's able to serve us using only one hand!  My brother, Michael, seems to appreciate her fine work.  Nicole treated us well, kept our glasses of ice water full, and provided us with excellent service.  The gentlemen in the booth behind us were very interested in my picture taking, and the gentleman with the beard remarked to me, "You must really love this restaurant."  

Photo:  Michael and I, as we're ready to enjoy a nostalgic lunch at Bert's Diner.  Thanks to our friendly server, Nicole, for taking the photo.  Our lunch arrived in about 15 minutes after ordering, which makes for fast service.

Photo:  Michael ordered a "Club Sandwich" from the sandwich portion of the menu, and rather than ordering "Bert's Fries," he went the healthy route and ordered a side salad, with dressing on the side.  Michael loved his sandwich!

Photo:  Since today was my first visit to Bert's Diner, I chose to order the "Bert's Burger," as I prefer to order the "classic," or "stock" burger during my fist visit, as that will give me a good idea of what the restaurant is all about. Of course, I went with "Bert's Fries," as I can't resist fries with my burger.

The burger arrived as pictured, pretty much disassembled, with the 1/3-pound beef patty hidden under the large, fresh bun.  I opened the top bun, applied mustard, and added the tomato, pickle slices, onion and lettuce.  Such a delicious burger, as the meat was juicy, perfectly cooked, and the veggies were fresh, and really complimented the burger.  You definitely will need both of your hands to eat a "Bert's Burger," and you'll go through quite a few napkins.  Great burger!

The fries were perfectly cooked to a golden brown, and they weren't greasy, nor were they salty; to me, the fries were perfect.  As shown in the photo, you get a lot of fries with your burger.

Bert's Diner serves delicious, "comfort food," in a very retro-style diner, with a juke box on every table!  The decor is pure nostalgia, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly.  Oh yes, the food is definitely fine...

Bert's Diner
8972 Grant Line Road
Elk Grove, CA 95624
916 686-6622

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