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The Johnsonville Big Taste Grill is the world's largest grill on wheels.  The grill is fitted on a 60-foot semi truck trailer, and can grill as many as 750 brats at a time!  That's a lot of brats!  I had the opportunity to check out the Big Taste Grill at the 2016 California Capital Airshow, and enjoy one of the delicious bratwurst sausages, grilled before my eyes, on the world's largest mobile grill.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Saturday, October 01, 2016, I had the pleasure to attend the California Capital Airshow, located at the former Mather Air Force Base, a few miles east of Sacramento.  Near the center of the event, I was pleased to see Johnsonville's Big Taste Grill, and noted they were grilling bratwurst, so I was hooked.  Note the staircase in the center of the photo, which allows interested "foodies" and photographers, like me, a good view of the grillers in action.

Big Taste Grill happens to be the world's biggest portable grill.  It's platform is a 60-foot trailer, towed behind a semi-truck.  The grill boasts 40 square feet of grill space, and they can grill a whopping 750 brats at a time!  The grill also features hot and cold running water, a freezer/refrigeration unit that stores a half-ton of brats, and they can grill 2,500 bratwursts an hour!  Very impressive in my bratwurst book...

When Big Taste Grill comes to town, a portion of their earnings goes to support a local charity.  In the 20 years or so that they've been on the road, they've raised over $4,000,000 for local charities.  Now that's good public relations!

Photo:  As the sign says, "Welcome to Johnsonville."  The brats are cooked on the huge trailer grill, and brought into the small trailer, where there are a group of friendly people to take your order, take your money, and give you a freshly-grill brat on a bun.  The tent to the right is the condiment tent.  More on that later in this article...

Photo:  Johnsonville really has a public relations gold mine in the Big Taste Grill, as they have a separate viewing area, when "foodies," photographers, and all interested parties can watch the friendly staff in action, grilling up delicious brats.  The grillers have it good, as the grill trailer has a 4-foot walkway built into the trailer, that slides out when the grillers are in action, and makes for a safe, convenient walkway.

Photo:  From the public vantage point, thanks to the public relations of  the folks at Johnsonville, you can watch the grillers in action, and get a bird's eye view of Johnsonville, located at the California Capital Airshow on this early October Saturday afternoon.

Photo:  Close up of one of the grillers in action.  One of the staff members had just placed a bunch of frozen brats in a pile, on the right side of the grill, so I assume they're defrosting, and will be soon transformed into delicious grilled brats, complete with grill marks.  Big Taste Grill uses propane to fire their grills, as I noticed several giant propane bottles on the other side of the trailer.

Photo:  After you get you brat, you turn around, and head over to the super-friendly condiment girl, who attends a condiment table, and will assist you in your choice of condiments.  She has several varieties of mustard, ketchup, and napkins, and she always has a smile on her face.  As you can see, she's making these gentlemen very happy they purchased brats from Big Taste Grill.

Photo:  I ordered a bratwurst, paid for it, and within seconds, it was delivered to me by AJ, the super friendly counter girl.  You just have to love a gal with such an adorable smile!

Photo:  After I got my brat, I turned around and headed a short 20 feet to the condiment tent.  As I snapped her photo, the super-friendly condiment gal "hammed" it up for me, as she lifted a bottle of mustard.  She then showed me some of the fancy mustard she has, but I told her that all I want on my brat is plain ol' yellow mustard, and she agreed that is the way to enjoy a brat.  I commented on the ketchup, which is only for kids, and an insult to a bratwurst, and she agreed, but she said that 20% of her customers want ketchup, so they have it.  That is definitely a "California thing," as nobody in Wisconsin would ever desecrate a bratwurst with ketchup.

Photo:  After I dressed my bratwurst with plain, yellow mustard, I got the friendly condiment gal to snap my photo.

Photo:  Here is my brat, ready to enjoy.  A delicious brat, purchased at Big Taste Grill, which is the "show on the road" of Johnsonville sausage.  Trust me, this brat was delicious!

Talk about a public relations tool for Johnsonville!  If you love grills, and you love bratwurst, check out Big Taste Grill when it comes to your area.  The food is good, it's fun to watch the grillers in action, and the staff is super friendly, and they will treat you like family.  My "brats" go off to Johnsonville...

Big Taste Grill
California Capital Airshow
10425 Norden Ave.
Mather, CA 95655

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