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As always, I'm searching for a great Mexican restaurant whever I go, especially in the greater Sacramento area, where I live.  Months ago I heard about Rey Azteca Taquera Restaurant, located in the suburban Carmichael area of Sacramento, and I knew that I had to "hit" this restaurant, as everything I'd heard about it came together with me. I asked my friend, Linda Barrere if she'd join me for lunch, and she accepted my "invite," so late in the morning on Friday, October 07, 2016, she and I enjoyed lunch at this charming restaurant.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Rey Azteca Taquria Restaurant opens daily at 11:00 in the morning.  I was here on Friday, October 07, 2016, just before opening time, so I managed to capture a photo with no cars in the parking lot.  If you show up shortly after 11, the restaurant will be full, as this is a popular Mexican restaurant in the Carmichael, area, which is a suburb of Sacramento.

Photo:  You walk in the front door... Oh the atmosphere!  Throw in a "Cheers-like" atmosphere with a Mexican flavor, a local, Carmichael influence, and you have the very comfortable dining room at Rey Azteca Taqueria Restarant. I absolutely LOVE the big screen television monitors, which are tuned to sports; on this late Friday morning, soccer seemed to be the sport "en vogue..."

Photo:  If drinks are your pleasure, the restaurant features a full-service bar.

Photo:  My friend Linda, gathers chips and salsa from the all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar.  The chips are fresh, and there are several varietes of salsa, all made in-house- to choose from.

Photo:  As an appetiser, we ordered "Ceviche Azteca" which was amazingly delicious...  Lots of seafood, fresh fruit, and fried tortillas.  Actually this "appetizer" is almost a meal, as my friend and I were almost full before the main courses arrived.  We didn't eat most of this "appetizer," so my friend brought much of it home in a box, which was good, as we got our money's worth!

Photo:  Our friendly server, Carlos Ventura, places my "Azteca Burger" on the table, as my friend, Linda, looks on.

Photo:  My friend Linda Barrere, looks on, with all of the food on the table, as she and I are ready to enjoy a feast of a lunch.  The "Ceviche Azteca" is in the middle of the photo, and we'd been snacking on it for 15 or so minutes before our main meal came.  There is so much food on the table for less than $30.00!  Linda and I took home boxes of leftovers to be enjoyed for dinner.

Photo:  Linda ordered a "One Combo One Item" and her "items" of choice were a chilie rellano and black beans, served with sour cream, guacamole, and a small salad.  In her "book," it was delicious!

Photo:  Since the menu offers an "Azteca Burger," I decided to go "out of the box" and order a hamburger at a Mexican restaurant.  Is that "out of the box" or what?  Anyway, my "Azteca Burger" arrived open face, to show all the loviliness withinn...  Half pound burger, two slices of cheese, avocado, grilled peppers, tomato, pickles, fries, ketchup, and more.  Such a great burger at an amazing Mexican restaurant!

Photo:  Our friendly waiter, Carlos Ventura, snapped a photo of my friend Linda and I, as we're ready to enjoy lunch. Linda and I originally became acquained as "foodies" and that's why we're friends, besides other reasons.

Great food, friendly service, and nice atmosphere!  Rey Azteca sports a "Cheers-like" atmosphere, as it's a gathering place with the locals, it has a friendly bar, and is a definitely friendly restaurant, all with a very authentic Mexican slant.  Great food, great people, and a great restaurant!

Rey Azteca Taqueria Restaurant
6140 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Carmichael, CA, 95608
916 481-4995

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